It’s me, Andrea, originally from Hungary living in Puerto Rico. While I would never ever stop being a proud Hungarian, the influence of other cultures, especially the Puerto Rican, made me who I am today, which we like to call the Hungarican.


Ever since my mom signed me up for a DIY after-school class, I’m a DIY lover. I remember to build something “very important” on Sundays in my grandpa’s craft room. Meanwhile, the boring adults were napping.


Then I grew up and decided to see the world and many countries and states later wounded up in Puerto Rico. I was going to stay only for a year, but then the unexpected happened – I fell in love with Amado!


A short fourteen years later, we’re excited to share our story about how we live with two very different cultures and backgrounds. We love to create, travel, eat, and learn about everything!


We’ve never had a lot of money, a large house, or fancy possessions. We’re always working to determine the difference between our wants and our needs.

We learned how to live pretty cheaply and still be happy. At the end of the day we have everything we need.


What do I mean by “live pretty cheaply”? We don’t buy furniture or home decor if we can – we make it. We cook at home instead of eating out, and we upcycle where we can instead of throwing things out. We’re doing what we can to create a beautiful welcoming home and we want to help you to do the same.


What you’re gonna find here?


  1. You’ll find useful tips, ideas, and inspirations how to improve your home on a budget. This blog has a lot of DIY, so you don’t have to hire people to build and decorate your home. You can just create the vibe you feel comfortable with, and after a finished project, be proud of yourself. Yes, YOU did it!


  1. You’ll find a lot of creative craft ideas here. Do you remember when we had no phones and video games? We had time to learn from our grandmas how to crochet and knit. We made all kinds of little home decor and gifts. You can show your kids how much fun they can have when creating something beautiful together.


3. You can learn how to have a sustainable garden and backyard decoration through our DIY projects. We share tips and tricks on how to change your patio into a environment friendly oasis.  Doesn’t matter if you have a small garden or an apartment. You can still invite nature in with some indoor planting.


I hope you’ll enjoy and get inspired and will start to upcycle, reuse, repurpose old materials into a gorgeous new home decor.


And of course, there is always social media to help YOU stay connected. See you there!
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