The best backyard activities and patio games this summer

11 Fun patio game ideas for kids and adults


Now that the weather is getting a little better and you’ll be fixing your patio and backyard for the new warm season I wanted to create a list to inspire you to spend more time outside with your family and friends.

So when we are thinking about backyard activities we want it to be fun for everyone, adults, and kids equally. It shouldn’t be only about eating and drinking outside.

So I thought I will make a list with my favorite backyard games for every age. Hopefully, I will inspire you to DIY a backyard Jenga, giant dominos or any other backyard games from this fun list.

I always look at things from a DIY perspective. Can you make it from leftovers from your previous projects?

Can you upcycle the junk hidden in your garage and make new giant backyard games? Sure you can.

The other cool thing about these DIY backyard games that you can take them with you for your next tailgating party.

These ideas can work for an outdoor wedding reception too. They are the perfect picnic games for larger groups, and if you are planning your outdoor wedding this summer, you can make it more entertaining.


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All of the fun patio games below can be made by you a.k.a DIY them… and be ready for the Spring!


Ladder toss backyard games

backyard summer games

Our friend bought this ladder toss game on Amazon, but out of curiosity I researched how we can make one, and there are a lot of DIY ideas around the net.

If you like DIY projects and you have leftover wood at home you might want to build a wooden ladder golf game for your backyard.

My other favorite idea is to make the ladders from PVC pipes. You can even color-coded with different color pipes.


DIY backyard giant Jenga

how to build giant jenga

Now, lawn Jenga DY is one of the easiest backyard projects of all time.

I didn’t even think I ever want to DIY a giant Jenga set, BUT, it’s the perfect yard game to play outside while you throw something on the BBQ with your friends.

Whether you worked with wood before or not, it’s a great beginner woodworking project, and it’s super affordable.
You’ll need 4 pieces of 2x3x8 lumber.
If you know someone who loves outdoor games, it makes an excellent gift for that outdoor fan.
If you have small kids and want to show them how to play, but avoid accidents,  make giant Jenga from foam.


Giant dominoes

DIY giant dominoes set

Since we live in Puerto Rico dominos are the most loved (for outsiders probably the most overused) game.

There is absolutely no waaaay you don’t have a set of domino when you organize a backyard BBQ party. Therefore I love this giant domino DIY project.

Plus it looks as easy to make as the giant Jenga. Instead of using 2x3x8 lumbers you can buy a 2×10 piece lumber and cut in every 16 inches.

When I make our wooden dominoes, I will use a dark wood stain and white wood paint for the dots.

Do you know what I was thinking? If you have kids, probably you don’t want them to play with large wood pieces and have an accident.

BUT, you can buy a giant foam dominoes set… or make one from repurposed upholstery foam from a previous cushion project.


Giant tic tac toe board

garden giant tic tac toe board

credit: Alecia from

My absolute favorite is Alecia’s giant tic tac toe set. You can make this completely free! Here is how:

I love to work with sliced wood, and it’s a cheap option to use as the tic tac toe table.

Probably you or your neighbors cut a tree recently, and you can have a slice for free. If not you can go to the closest lumber and ask for a slice.

If you are not a rock collector like us 😉 pick up some nice flat rocks at your next walkabout. Then you only need two different colors of paint, which probably you have somewhere in your garage.

You can also get creative with the paint and make some cool designs on the rocks. Forget about the boring Xs & Os.


Garden Tic Tac Toe

backyard games diy

Here is another cute idea if you don’t have a wood stump or tic tac toe board. Just create the “board” in your garden with branches.



Cornhole Game Boards (aka Bean Bag Toss)

patio games for adults

This popular game was an entirely new thing for me.

You tell me…is it really an American tradition, cause I didn’t know it exists until I got to the States. Anyhow, it is soo much fun and seems like the perfect lawn game idea for any age.

Not only the cornhole board you can DIY but the bean bags as well. There are also many ideas on Pinterest for painting themes.

This project is a little more advanced than the others in this post, but if you are already a hardcore DIYer you can get theme ideas from Pinterest and create some cornhole board sets to your friends too.


DIY Dice patio games

list of backyard games

Dice and yardzee are fun and easy to make.

If you choose to make these dices from wood I would say it is more of a backyard activity for adults. BUT if you know small children will like to try playing with dice make them from foam.

Dartboard for BBQ party games

DIY darts backboard backyard games for adults

I love love love darts. I think darts are the perfect picnic games for adults. But there is a cool and safe dart set for kids too!

I have only one problem with the dartboard….when we suck at the game and can’t even aim to the board the wall or door gets damaged by the darts.

There are so many cool ideas on Pinterest to make a backboard for your dart game. My favorite (just because you can have it for free) is to make it out of pallets. You can go and ask Walmart or your local store to give you a used pallet.


Floating beer pong table DIY

DIY foam adult yard games

You can rename this game and just call it a floating pool pong if you play it with your kids. It will be still fun without alcohol!

As you can see in the picture we didn’t buy any fancy floating board, we used one of our friend’s floaty. Again it is sooooo FREE!

There is an advantage of a flat floater! You can put the cups anywhere on the board in any shape. Therefore you mix things up. Make the game easier or harder.

Now, don’t get sad if it’s rainy outside just put some cups on the 2 long sides of the table and the game is on.


DIY picnic games for kids and family

Here is a cute idea for the next picnic with the kids. You guys can set up a capture the flag game. 

Perfect to use the kids’ brains and exercise at the same time.


Cute backyard activities for kids

backyard diy games

Have you tried the shooter game? It seems super easy to make and can involve all the kids at the next BBQ party.


12 fun patio game ideas

I hope you got inspired by this long list of backyard games. All of them are fun and easy to DIY.

No matter if you go for a picnic or BBQ party or planning a garden wedding you can use these ideas to provide fun activities for kids and adults for hours.

These giant backyard games will make your whole family and friends exercise instead of sitting at the table or in front of the TV.

Have fun making them and have fun using them this summer!


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Please pin it for later so when the time is right, and the sun is shining you can start your outdoor games DIY projects.

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Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Jenn Summers

    Love all these ideas! Can’t wait for summer!

    • Andrea

      Hi Jenn, don’t wait for the summer. You can start DIY these cool backyard games anytime when the sun is out, and by the Spring you can enjoy a warm fun BBQ party in your patio.

  2. Jim

    Amazing ideas! Can’t wait for summer!

    • Andrea

      Thanks, Jim! I hope you’ll make some of the backyard games for your family this summer. Enjoy!

  3. Jenjoes

    That was an interesting list of games and so creative. Kids will have a great time playing these games and even adults can join them. It would be a fun family activity. Thanks for sharing these ideas with us!

  4. Yet Another Blogging Mummy

    Thanks for the mention. Sounds like so many are going to be limited to their own gardens for some considerable time

    • Andrea

      True. I’m doing so many DIY and home projects hopefully I help others to enjoy their time at home.


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