12 Amazing Backyard and Patio Ideas on a Budget

DIY wooden heart herb markers

How to build a gorgeous garden and a patio on a budget


If you live in the colder climate and looking out the window wishing to be outside and do something fun in your patio, this post will inspire you.

By the time the weather is warmer, you will have a bunch of budget-friendly ideas on how to give a makeover to your garden and patio.

I consider myself lucky to live in Puerto Rico because I can work in the backyard anytime during the year.  For me, It’s really not a job; it’s therapeutic. We have a nice size backyard, and we created a little vegetable garden on

the side of it.

We also find a lot of DIY projects. For example, make seats, tables, a new garden bed. These projects allow us to spend some quality time outside with our friends.

With this extensive list, I hope you’ll enjoy your time at home. Upcycle old furniture and create beautiful backyard decor on a budget.

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Let’s jump into it, and let’s see my favorite backyard ideas on a budget for this year.  


1. DIY outdoor projects on a budget with kids

There are so many cheap, easy backyard ideas you can do with your kids. It will develop their love for DIY, and the family can enjoy quality time together.


Make a Fairy Garden on a dime

If you are looking for a kid-friendly cool DIY backyard DIY idea, I found the cutest backyard fairy garden tutorial for you.  The kids can choose the spot in the backyard and help you to make the little fairy garden.

You only need a few accessories. I like to save money on DIY materials. If you are like me and want to save money on rocks, gems, figurines, and moss, you can find cute kits on Amazon for cheap.

Here are some cute fairy garden kits I love:

Remember, you can buy a couple of things but no need to break the bank on making a fairy garden. You can collect rocks and paint them. Get some moss when you walk in the woods. Collect some driftwood and use it as a fence of the fairy garden.

Giant Jenga DIY


So my friend got this giant Jenga, and it’s a cool outdoor game for friends and her family. I didn’t even think I ever want to DIY a giant Jenga set, BUT, it’s the perfect yard game to play outside at BBQs, picnics, or family get-togethers!

Whether you worked with wood before or not, it’s a great beginner woodworking project, and it’s super affordable. It also makes a great gift for BBQ and outdoor fans.

It is perfect entertainment for sleepovers too.

Chalkboard DIY

This super cute and easy DIY Outdoor Chalkboard is a perfect creative space for your little kids. They can make beautiful chalk art anytime when the sun is out. This DIY Outdoor Chalkboard can be hung outside all season. Perfect for the kids to spend time outside on the backyard and perfect for you because it will be no mess inside to clean up.

For more fun with the kids on the patio, check out these articles:

Build an obstacle course with the kids. longwaitforisabella.com/2017/03/kids-obstacle-course-ideas.html

Create a cozy place to enjoy an outdoor movie night with your family. janinehuldie.com/2015/06/5-tips-summer-outdoor-movie-night

Make cute dragonfly decors for your planters.  craftifymylove.com/2017/06/18/diy-dragonflies-3-easy-steps


2.DIY outdoor garden ideas

Garden, Planters & Trellis are an excellent addition to any backyard. You can create your own organic oasis.

There is nothing more delicious than your homegrown organic tomatoes, veggies, herbs, and fruits. I love to separate a sunny corner for my veggie garden, but I don’t like to spend money on expensive gardening materials and supplies.

If you like gardening and ready for some budget-friendly garden DIY projects, here are my favorites. 

Bamboo Trellis DIY

Luckily we can find bamboo everywhere. Just walking on the beach, we can pick up a bunch of “driftwood” bamboo.

So what we use the bamboo for? The old sturdy ones can be used to build a new garden bed. The others, like in the picture above, are perfect for making a bamboo trellis for tomatoes and other veggies in your garden. 

You can use the bamboos as a building material for almost all of your garden projects.

It’s sturdy, available, comes in a variety of sizes, and, most importantly, it’s free. 

Arch Shaped Garden Trellis

I love this arch trellis. It has a double purpose. You create a shady, fun place for your family, and it will help the green beans and other veggies to crawl and grow healthy.

We made one like this long time ago and spent zero money on the project. We repurposed leftover chicken wire from other projects. We also created a repurposed driftwood seat where we can enjoy a little wine after working in the garden.

Gorgeous Spring Planters

Don’t you get the inspiration with the first green bulb on the trees to create your beautiful spring planter? I love different flowers and plants in the same pots. Design your spring planter with your favorite flowers and colors.

This project can be very budget-friendly if you upcycle old terracotta pots or paint old plastic containers. If you already have a lot of flowers in your garden, you can save money and don’t buy new plants just replant a few of them to the spring planter.

You got yourself a new gorgeous patio decor for free. 

Wooden Herb Markers

Sooo many ideas on Pinterest for this little cute herb markers. I make plant markers all the time. First, because I’m a beginner gardener, and when it comes to gardening, there are times when I can’t identify a new plant. Simply can’t remember where I planted the arugula or salad greens seeds.

These wooden heart-shaped herb markers are one of my favorite. Combined with cute chalkboard labels, you can start a unique herb garden.

It’s a super easy DIY backyard project, and I’m sure your little one(s) would be happy to help you with it. If you have an indoor or outdoor herb and veggie garden, you want to add these markers to it.

Grow Lettuce and herbs in hanging containers

Another great idea for those who have a constant fight with pests. If you want to have organic homegrown lettuce and herbs, but the slugs and snails get to them before you can enjoy a nice salad, these hanging pots are your best friends.

I can even imagine herbs and lettuce in apartments and small houses without a patio. Instead of cactus and succulents, plant some lettuce into those boho pots around your ho apartment.

Do you need more ideas on how to give a makeover to your backyard and patio with grass? Check out simplifycreateinspire.com. She gives you a lot of tips on how to maintain a clean yard.


3. Backyard designs DIY


We all love to extend our living space to the outdoors. Porches, Patios & Deck makeovers are fun DIY projects.

I left the more complex, but great backyard and patio DIY makeover tips to the end. Of course, all these patio decors and makeovers are budget-friendly too.


Wood Slice Side Table

We love to work with wood. Also, I like to invite nature into our house and create a rustic vibe.

Sadly some of the trees must go, and when they are cut, you can keep a slice or two to use it for your home decor projects. If you don’t have a wood slice, ask around probably one of your friends, family, or a neighbor cut down a tree recently.

You can do this project for free if you have some old stool to repurpose. You can use its legs to finish the coffee table.

If you’re gonna use it on your patio, make sure you protect the wood so the weather can’t destroy it.


DIY budget patio ideas

Give a makeover to your patio and backyard this spring.

You can save money and have a new colorful patio decor if:

  • Your seats are in good shape and just need fresh, bright paint. We actually rebuilt curb-find beach chairs.
  • You already have a firepit and only needs some love and cleaning.
  • If you don’t want to spend money on pavers, you can power wash your patio and give a new clean look. Believe me, the powerwash is a magical thing, and it will take off at least 50 shades of grey from your terrace.

Garden Path DIY

Oh, I’m so doing this paver and rock path in my garden this year. This garden path not only gorgeous but very practical too. No more dirt and mud will get into your house if you make a path with pavers and rocks.

We live next to the rainforest, and we never know when it’s gonna rain. Let’s say it rains every day.

We made a rock garden for free. It was free because after Hurricane Maria we had a lot of rocks falling on our street and somebody had to clean it. Well, we did and took them home.

If you can’t have the rocks for free, try to research local shops, Home Depot, Lowes, and wait until they have them on sale.


Mud Pit Patio Make Over

This full patio makeover is very impressive. They transformed a mud pit into a beautiful sunny patio where the whole family can enjoy a dinner or BBQ.

I know I know it is a complex DIY project, but if your patio is crying out loud for a makeover, you might want to create a cozy place like this.

I can imagine saving some money and use repurposed pallets to create a built-in bench and deck. Or give a fresh paint to your existing patio chairs and table. You can spray-paint old pots and planters too.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven DIY

And the ultimate DIY for your backyard!

If you love to entertain a lot of people on your patio and your backyard is big, you can build a pizza oven.

Why not? Imagine sitting next to the fire-throwing some pizza in the oven with good company. It’s almost like camping in your backyard.


Pheew, that’s it for today. I hope you found useful budget-friendly backyard and patio DIY ideas in this post. There is something for everybody in your family — kid-friendly projects, easy DIY, and full patio makeovers.

backyard and patio DIY projects

Don’t forget to share and pin it so you can come back anytime when the sun is shining, and you are ready to work outside. 

backyard DIY projects

BTW, what kind of DIY you worked on last summer in the backyard? Send me some pictures or comment below. 😉

Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Lisa

    Excellent ideas! I’m definitely going to revisit this in the spring, when the weather where I live is nicer! Thanks for all of the collaboration and sharing.

    • Andrea

      Hi Lisa, Spring and warm weather are around the corner. I hope you’ll have fun creating a new patio decoration from my backyard DIY ideas. Let me know how it goes. 😉

  2. Andrea

    Wow! I love these ideas! I have a son and he would love the outside chalkboard and giant jenga game! Creative post!

    • Andrea

      Hi Andrea, Thank you for your comment. I remember when we were kids we were drawing on the patio floor. I wish somebody would tell me there is an easy DIY chalkboard option. I hope you and your son will have fun to create these backyard game ideas for your home.

  3. Kasha j

    Great ideas. I cant wait to have a backyard.

    • Andrea

      Hi Kasha, I wished too until I didn’t. 🙂 Backyards can be a lot of work sometimes. BUT there are a lot of DIY ideas in this post you can make in a rental apartment or in a small patio and terrace.

  4. Wendy Wallace

    You’ve offered some great ideas for backyard DIYs. As this weekend is looking down at the winter storm of the season, I’m anxious to see green and start watching my flowers grow. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Andrea

      Hi Wendy, Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you got inspired by these backyard DIY decoration ideas. Nice warm weather will be here before you know it and you will be able to enjoy some time outside on your patio.

  5. Sydney Taylor

    I love this! I can’t wait to try some of these!

  6. Trina

    Love how you pack in so much stuff! Some great make over back yard I’ve looks.

  7. Nadia Malik

    Wood fired pizza oven is my favorite. I love to be able to cook outside in summer and I love pizza so it is a win win. Great ideas.

    • Andrea

      Hi Nadia, I love the outdoor oven pizza DIY too. We actually made one in our friend’s backyard a couple of years ago and it looks fantastic. Must try if you love to cook outside.

  8. Marianna

    Love your ideas!!! I have a porch and a little front yard. Definitely, I can use some of your DIY ideas. Andrea, you have great taste when it comes to decorations. Great post!

    • Andrea

      Thank you for your comment, Marianna. I’m glad you enjoyed my best picks of the backyard DIY project and hopefully, you will create a cozy backyard and patio this Spring.

  9. Miranda

    Why didn’t I ever think of putting the chalk board outside? How clever! I also love the fairy garden idea and arched shaped garden trellis for the kids to play under when it gets hot!

    • Andrea

      Right Miranda? I have one DIY chalkboard in my office, but I have to tell you outside works perfect too. No mess in the house and the kids can enjoy a good outdoor time in the backyard. Enjoy creating a nice shady fun backyard this Spring.


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