14 Beach Inspired DIY Coastal Home Decorating Ideas

coastal decoration entrance table

Easy and elegant beach home decorating ideas


I will always love the ocean and coastal living. I moved to Puerto Rico 15 years ago, thinking I will enjoy the island for a year, but luckily it became my home.

My house is not reflecting my love to the coastal living home decor since I tend to mix things with boho and re-purposed furniture.

BUT my friend has a very lovely coastal themed home, and she allowed me to take some pictures about her mermaid wall sculptures, nautical garden statues, elegant coastal décor, nautical wall art, sea captain figurines, and the little DIYs from her beachcomber finds.

(So many pix I don’t even know which to share with you.)

They make me feel calm and relaxed. She likes to call her house the “Zen Zone.”

If you want to create a good mood and a welcoming house, you can easily add coastal inspiration to your home decor. You don’t even have to break the bank with your new beach-themed decoration. 

Now that good weather and summer are here, get the natural decoration inspiration from here and begin your beach theme decor.

Coastal living foyers

beach style house entrance

Let’s start at the beginning. When you enter the house, you are welcomed with a very natural and simple foyer.

A mix of seafoam shade, white, light gray, and blue create a stunning beach style. It only needed a beachy style mirror. It is soo simple, yet I felt relaxed right away.

My DIY idea is to turn the ugly white framed mirror my hubby bought into a coastal wall decoration by gluing the small shells I collected on the beach to the frame.


Nautical and coastal entrance decor

coastal decoration entrance table

Isn’t this entrance table beautiful? I’m thinking to replicate the look in my house.

So I think I can use silver spray paint and make an anchor just like on the picture.  I can’t possibly make the whale. Not that advanced in wood crafting. 🙁


Beach themed wall decor ideas


I love this painting in my friend’s house, cause her niece made it! If you don’t like to paint, let your kids make one for you!

coastal wall home decor

There are so many options when it comes to coastal wall decor. One of my favorites is paintings from local artists.

I’m sure there are many Sunday markets and craft markets in your area where you can find original paintings and support your fellow local crafters.

Just to help you get inspired, here are some beach house wall decor ideas from her house. She picked these pretty paintings at the markets.

coastal themed paintings market finds


Mermaid sculptures and shells


Using wood, driftwood, shells, and other natural resources will help you to achieve a simple, light and relaxed coastal home.

Plus these materials can be found at the beach, river bed during your walks and you can DIY your own beach themed house decor.

mermaid wooden coastal decor

I’m so going to DIY this mermaid sculpture.

I remember in the elementary school we had DIY classes a couple of times a week and they thought us how to make little animal figurines from flat wood. I will have to research, but I’m sure I can find a template somewhere to cut a mermaid.

I will use hot glue to secure the shells on the body. I love the idea!


Coastal decorating ideas for living rooms


After passing the foyer wherever I go in the house, it is filled with little sculptures from different materials. She uses a lot of glass, wood, shells, driftwood.

What I like about her house is that she kept it light and airy, but still mixed with beachy coastal colors.

All small decor items are bright, and the bigger pieces are toned down light colors.

Let’s take a look at some of the smaller coastal pieces. 


Glass Coastal Sculptures

glass coastal beach house decor

Make a decorative light from a beautiful blue bottle. You only need to put some led light in it and voila.

Or just create a cute shelf decor from your beachcomber findings. She found these Japanese fishing floats and mix them with driftwood and shells.


Small DIY lights and coastal shelf decor

coastel themed lights and shelf decoration

All your beach finds can be used as a little decoration on shelves and tables. You can use little LED lights around them and light them up at night to create a cozy coastal feeling.

I even think to DIY that mosaic candle holder soon.


Decorative Christmas tree out of shells

If you like Christmas and looking for natural coastal ways to decorate your house for the holidays you’ll love this little shell Christmas tree.

I think it is unique and easy to make. You’ll need hot glue, styrofoam base and shells you can collect on the beach while walking. Very budget-friendly Christmas decoration. 

Christmas tree DIY from shells



Coastal themed and nautical decorative pillows


Another small item you can add to your beach themed home decor. They are cheap and instantly add coziness to your rooms.

coastal themed decorative pillows

I upcycled some old beach towels to create wall decor, but you can use those favorite towels to make pillowcases too.


Coastal themed rug runners


Add a pop of color to your home with rugs and carpets. This re-cycled t-shirt and rug runners are a very economical option. If you are up to it you can DIY them too.

beached themed rug runners

I actually made one from old bed sheets and sweaters with the looming technic. Following this youtube tutorial.

I made on one cozy rug from pom poms as well.


Coastal decorating fish-shaped mirror


We all like to decorate on a budget, right? So if you like coastal living and decoration and would like to spend as little as you can go to a thrift store.

How about this thrift store find? Isn’t it the cutest beach themed inspired addition to your living room?

beachy style mirrors

Driftwood framed coastal mirror

When we are talking about coastal home decor I love to incorporate driftwood.

It’s look is as natural as it can be and looking for driftwood while walking on the beach is so much fun.

coastal decor with driftwood framed mirror


Coastal decor furniture/ tables and centerpiece decor


Let’s move on and see some funky beach decor. I’m not sure how we can DIY these, but I love them anyway. Let’s call it “obsessed with octopus.”

octopus beach themed table decor

Everything with octopus. It is interesting to see how she incorporated metal and ceramic into the coastal home decor.

Octopus side table in the living room, octopus tray, and fruit bowl in the kitchen, octopus wine holder on the dining table.

All of them are amazing!


Rustic consoles & nightstands


Since all big furniture is a light color and the walls are pastel colors, it is nice to see she added some darker wood consoles and nightstands into the mixture.

rustic wooden tables and consoles

You can find these old looking consoles in thrift stores or at the flea markets and bring them back to life with a little sanding and staining. 


Let’s recap our DIY ideas for coastal beach home decor


The home of my friend inspired this post. I got millions of DIY ideas, and I hope you got inspired too.

If you are looking for beach house decorating ideas on a budget, make sure you use a lot of sea stars, shells, ropes, corals, driftwood. They are all fantastic decorations to make your home in ocean atmosphere.

(I want to point out to one thing though… DON’T KILL ANY SEALIFE JUST TO USE IT AS A DECORATION, PLEASE!)

Don’t be afraid and use a mix of the shades such as blue, white, light gray so you can create a stunning beach style. Mix different textures and materials, like glass and metal too.


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As always if you like it don’t forget to pin it so you can come back anytime. 

coastal living decoration on a budget


Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Jenn Summers

    So many great ideas in this post! I love the rustic look of coastal and all the pretty natural hues it allows you to incorporate! Thanks for all the inspiration!

    • Andrea

      Thank you Jen. I got super inspired in her coastal house too. Now I can’t wait to DIY some of her beachy decor and incorporate them in my home.

  2. Diana

    You have a beautiful blog and I love the coastal decor, I live close to the beach. I love the beachy themes, it gives me inspiration! 😉

    • Andrea

      Diana, thank you for your comment. I live close to the beach too and every time I walk with the dogs I find something cool to use it for DIY home decor projects.

  3. Smita

    What wonderful ideas. So many simple ways to bring the beach/coastal theme into the home. I have bookmarked your tutorials to try out. Looking forward to visiting Puerto Rico on my travels.

  4. jess

    wow, that has so many awesome ideas!
    really enjoy reading this post
    I really love the mermaid sculpture, is making me happy!
    thank you for sharing this amazing post.

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    your whale statue on the hutch is so cool!!! love the focal piece.

    Joy at The Joyous Living

  6. Christine

    Coastal is my favorite home décor theme – I love these creative ideas!

  7. Ashley

    WOW! I feel like there is more then 11. I absolutely love the rustic beach theme so this post gave me some ideas. Thank you so much!

  8. pop hats

    bookmarked!!, I love your site!

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      Cool! Thank you for saving my blog. I hope you come back and check the other DIY and home decor projects.


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