Which craft kits for adults are the best gifts?

diy craft kits for adults

16 cutest and easy crafting kits for adults


Since you landed here, I’m sure you are crafty, or you know someone who loves crafts and always on a lookout for a new project.

Luckily, craft kits for adults make learning a new hobby easy and rewarding, even for beginners.

Most of my projects on this blog need different supplies, so this time I thought I share the most creative craft kits you can find online.

They are perfect gifts to those who are ready to learn a new hobby but don’t know where to start. Craft kits, as the name suggests, have all the supplies, tools, and instructions you need to complete the project.

They are perfect for us who love to give handmade and personalized gifts but don’t exactly have the idea of what that should be. With these craft kits for adults, you can be sure you’ll create a unique piece that your friends and loved ones will appreciate.

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Wall art and craft kits for adults


Let’s start with some small and cute art projects. Who doesn’t like to decorate their wall with a beautiful handmade picture?

Do you like to paint or working with yarn, papers, beads, and wood? This section will give you the inspiration to pick your next project.


1. Sunflower string art craft kit

arts and crafts kits adults

String art is a great and relaxing hobby you can master in no time.

I used to like it when I was a kid, and you can’t go wrong with string art ever. Even if you make a mistake, no one can possibly notice. Perfect and easy craft kit to refresh your wall or give it as a gift for a sunflower lover.

This sunflower craft kit includes:

  1. Pattern Template
  2. Embroidery Floss (much more than you need)
  3. Instructions
  4. Sawtooth Hanger
  5. Wire Nails
  6. Sanded and ready to go 16″ by 12 ” wooden board


I picked the sunflower because I like the refreshing yellow color. But if it’s not your piece of cake, choose another cute string art kit from this collection. 


2. Diamond painting kit

easy art projects adults

Have you heard about diamond painting? It’s very similar to a paint-by-number picture. It is a new addictive hobby you can learn quickly.

Instead of using paint as you do in paint-by-number, your kit will include tiny rhinestones, crystals, or diamond-like facets. Then you apply the diamonds to the canvas following the patterns and the numbers while creating a sparkling decoration.

I chose this diamond art kit for adults, and it includes:

  • 3 set semi-finished diamond painting (beads)
  • 10″ by 12″ canvases (two bicycles and a car)
  • wax
  • diamond painting pen


It’s probably one of the best arts and crafts Christmas gifts you can give to children and adults.

Diamond painting can enhance a child’s hands-on ability. The 10″ by 12″ size canvases are perfect for beginners and can be completed quickly. I think it took me a rainy afternoon to finish one.

The cool thing about this craft kit that includes 3 paintings, which allow you to work with your children and improve the parent-child relationship.


3. Pour Painting kit for adults

fun painting craft for adults

What a fun craft for adults and kids. Pour paints in no particular order and get messy. That’s how you create abstract wall art in no time. 😉

Some call it fluid art. Basically, by pouring and swirling paint, you’ll achieve a marbling effect. It works as art therapy as you may find yourself mesmerized by the movement of the paint patterns as you tilt the canvas.

It is perfect for enjoying some quality time together. You can give it as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or have a fun date night.

This ocean wave art and craft kit includes:

  • two 8”x8” blank canvases
  •  acrylic paints
  • pouring medium
  •  pouring cups
  •  connection card


4. Reclaimed wood art & craft kit

wooden diy kits for adults

Wow! what a mix of different craft projects altogether. You get a little taste of puzzles, woodworking, painting, and quilting.

This quilt square craft kit includes:

  • Handmade 10 x 10 frame with a white paint background.
  • Wood frame
  • Engraved design on the background with coordinating numbers
  • Numbered wood pieces.


5. DIY wood sign craft kit

wood hobby kits for adults

I love to make signs using all kinds of reclaimed wood or scrap wood we have left from other DIY projects.

But if this is your first try you’ll love this wood sign art kit. 

You can personalize the sign, the type of wood, and make a unique gift for your loved ones.

It is also a fun crafting idea for adults. You can get a group of friends together and have a craft party. Each participant can select their own custom design.

This wood sing kit includes:

  • 11″ by 11″ wood board with your choice of stain color
  • Custom stencil of your choice
  • Transfer paper to place your stencil
  • White paint for lettering
  • Wood pressing tool
  • Sponge paint applicator
  • Touch-up brush


Yarn crafts kits for adults


Have you thought about crocheting, knitting, or felting? These are great projects, and you can do so many things with different sizes of yarn.

Fashion pieces, like fluffy scarfs and warm sweaters. Or a chunky blanket every one can enjoy on a cold winter night.

Why not make a cute dog as a gift for your kids or a beautiful macrame wall decoration for your bedroom wall.


6. Felting kit for beginners

You can make a set of cute felt dogs with this easy craft kit.  Since it is designed for beginners, you can easily learn needle felting.

These little dogs are perfect gifts for your best friends or coworkers.

The kit includes:

  • 5 Felt animals
  • 2 Keychains
  • 10 Needles
  • 1 Wooden felting tool
  • 1 Felting mat
  • 2 Finger cots
  • 10 Pin eyes
  • 1 Giftable box


7. Chunky blanket knitting kit for adults

chunky blanket craft kit for adults

One of my favorite at home crafts for adults is knitting. Especially if it involves chunky yarn, they are sooo fluffy and warm.

Make a blanket with chunky yarn as a gift for this Christmas. Everybody will love them!

Merino or chenille yarns feel luxurious and look beautiful as a throw on your couch.

This yarn craft kit includes:

  • Merino yarn in your choice of weight
  • 1 pair of GIANT 40mm luxury knitting needles
  • Full printed instructions on how to knit your chunky blanket


8. Crochet DIY Bag Kit

crochet bag craft kit

Do you already know the basics of crocheting? Also, have needles and scissors at home?

This beautiful DIY rope bag project is for you. I never made bags, but I find them very cute and sturdy since the kit comes with cotton rope instead of light-weight yarn.

The crochet craft kit includes:

  • Pattern and tutorial (emailed after purchase)
  • 200m of cotton rope
  • crochet hook 8mm
  • stitch markers


9. Easy macrame craft kit

easy craft kits for adults

Beautiful handmade macrame wall plant hanger! I love that it is not only a wall decoration but a planter too.

If you like a little boho home decor, this easy craft idea is for you.

The macrame kit includes:

  •  pre-cut and measured, 100% cotton macrame cord
  • a pre-cut piece of driftwood
  • a digital download with a knot guide


10. Beginner punch needle kit for adults

punch needle craft kit for adults

Have you seen those textured pillow covers and blankets from Anthropology? I looked it up, and they are made with the punching needle technic.

I like them so much, but I don’t know anything about this craft. That is why I think this craft set for adults is perfect for learning a new skill.

My next project for sure!

Your set includes:

  •  1 adjustable punch needle with loops.
  •  Hand-drawn pattern on monks cloth to help you with your very first punch needle project.
  • 8 x 8 inch round, reusable, no-slip hoop.
  • 5 page, full-color set of instructions with lots of photos.
  • Acrylic yarn needed to complete the design.
  • yarn snips


Once you are comfortable with the new hobby, you can go ahead and make a decorative pillowcase or wall decor.



Jewelry and accessories handcraft kits


It took me by surprise that there are personalized kits out there when it comes to making a piece of jewelry.

I used to make jewelry to sell, and I had millions of pieces at home. Soon enough, I ran out of storage.

If you want to learn this new skill and don’t want to invest in a lot of beads and supplies, these DIY crafting kits are for you.


11. DIY scrunchie making kit

craft gift sets for adults

Who doesn’t like to make hair accessories? This super easy beginner’s kit will walk you through how to make 4 velvet scrunchies.

It is a thoughtful Christmas craft gift idea too.

Your scrunchie craft kit includes:

  • Your choice of color scheme
  • Detailed crochet scrunchie pattern
  • 4 basic elastic hair ties
  • H size crochet hook
  • Large eyed needle


12. Leather beaded friendship bracelet kit

bracelet craft kit

I love love love to make jewelry. I think that it is an inexpensive gift to give, and choosing the favorite color of your friend or family member makes it a unique and personalized gift.

Since you are dealing with little beads, you might need a bit more patience than with other craft projects. But it all worth it at the end.

The bracelet craft kit for adults include:

  •  1 bag of size 6 round seed beads
  • 1 length of 1mm round leather
  • 1 pack of twisted jump rings
  • 1 handmade ceramic disc bead


Beeswax arts and crafts for adults


Anything you can make with beeswax will have a beautiful smell, and it is a perfect organic alternative for other products you can buy.

Try to avoid toxins in store brought candles, plastic food wraps, and switch to handmade products.


13. Candle making kit for adults

beeswax candle kit for adults

Beeswax candles are organic natural, and you can make yours in less than 15 minutes. Their soft yellowish glow is very comforting. I like to use them in the house and on the porch when we are watching the sunset.

You can personalize your candle with your favorite scents. These cute candles are perfect as a Christmas gift, or for birthdays and Mother’s day.

Beeswax candle kit includes:

  • 1 melting pot 350ml
  • 4 Bags of beeswax
  • 4 candle tins with lids
  • 4 scents
  • 10 cotton wicks
  • 4 dye blocks
  • 10 glue dots
  • 4 stirring sticks
  • 2 wick clips


14. DIY beeswax wrap kit for adults

beeswax wrap craft kit idea

One of the natural and eco-friendly product swaps you can do today is to change to beeswax wrap and stop buying aluminum foil and plastic bags.

Instead, cover your veggies and fruits with organic alternatives.

Beeswax wraps are cute, reusable, and can be made in less than 1 hour. I made them a few times and gave them away as gifts to my friends. 

Your food wrap kit includes:

  • 100g of wax mixture
  • Large, medium, and small squares of fabric
  • 2 pieces of greaseproof paper
  • Instructions on how to make and look after your wrap


Art and craft kits with plants


Inviting nature in your home is excellent for the soul and your health. Plants are air-purifying, and their green color calms down the nerves.

Here are a few examples of beautiful decorations you can make with plants. You can use these in small apartments or big houses too.


15. Wall garden DIY kit

greenery fun kit

Make a cute mini wall garden.

Bring life to your wall, shelf, or office desk by adding a pop of greenery. These moss frames are easy to assemble and a fun craft project for adults.

Moss craft kit includes:

  • a variety of 100% naturally preserved high-quality moss and flowers
  • 6×6 inch pine wood frame
  • a sawtooth hook and screws
  • instructions and moss guidelines


16. Cylinder air plant terrarium kit

air plant terrarium DIY kit

I love air plants. They are super easy to take care of.

So if you are like me and forget to water your plants, these mini terrariums are your friends.

Your air plant kit includes:

  • Tillandsia air plant
  • rocks, white sand, and moss
  • 5″ by 4″ glass container


Easy and fun craft kits for adults


I love to craft, and I love to share my tutorials with you.

However, today I wanted to help you to find easy DIY projects for you. Learning a new craft can be tricky, and sometimes finding the right supplies takes time and a lot of research.

Craft kits for adults are perfect for picking up a new hobby you are interested in. You don’t have to worry about which supply you need, and you don’t have to watch youtube videos for hours to learn a new craft.

Step by step instructions, materials, tools all are included in your craft kit. Most of them will give you the option to choose your favorite color, texture, and materials.

If you make a new piece as a gift, you can personalize it with their favorite color, font, and wood.

I hope you got inspired, and you get one of this cute craft kit today.


Are you ready to craft on your own?

Check out these easy ideas:

  1. Make rosegold mini planters
  2. How to stencil on wood
  3. 30 rock painting ideas
  4. Make a pom pom rug


Don’t forget to PIN it so you can come back for ideas anytime. Happy crafting!

easy craft project kits

Do you wanna DIY more?


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