DIY Blue Painted Pot Tutorial

Fast and Easy DIY Painted Pot Project.


I love DIY decor and love to save money. My front patio needed colors, decoration, and I thought some painted pots would be perfect. But I wouldn’t pay $50-$150.

There I was, on a lookout for some fun colored pots for my front patio. Our house has a weird yellowish-orange color with uncategorizable red-ish columns (which we can’t change due to urbanization rules).

I just couldn’t imagine any color next to it. Can you see I’m not in love with the color at all?

Then one day I was casually going through some pictures on FB and THERE IT WAS!

This is exactly how weird our house looks, and I love this vibrant blue colors with it. Plus I love this Mediterranean influence. One day probably I will do the mosaic trim around the door as well. 😉


Now, that the perfect idea presented itself, I only have to have some good looking pots. I went hunting to COSTCO, to local shops, to the garden places and the cheapest “nothing-looking” plastic pots were $50. Of course, I didn’t buy any.

But after hurricane Maria hit PR and life went very sour, one of our neighbors decided to leave the island and left her pots behind. JACKPOT! Let’s upcycle and get the Mediterranean feeling. 

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What you’re gonna need if you decide to make these cuties:

  • Dollar Tree pot (I got plastic pots for free, probably you have some hidden in your garage.)
  • sander and sandpaper
  • alcohol and cloth to clean after sanding
  • spray paint

1. To perfect this easy, fast painted pot project you need to sand off the old paint first.


I used a sanding machine, but if you don’t have one no worries, you can do it by hand as well. At least you give a good workout to your arms.


2. Next step is cleaning with alcohol, so all the dust and particles are gone.


Pour some alcohol on the cloth and wipe the pot thoroughly. (my skin is not sensitive, so I don’t use gloves, but you know your skin better if you need one use it!)

Sand a little more if needed. As you can see above, the green pot still had a lot of chipped paint on it, and I had to attack it with the sander a couple more times.

I didn’t care to take off all the paint, but I was making sure all the chipped part is gone, so the new spray paint would stick and wouldn’t bubble up in a few weeks.


3. Let’s begin the painting process.


Most likely your pot will be outside and vulnerable to different weather conditions. To avoid bubbling and chipping, make sure you sand all cracked parts and clean afterward.

I also chose the Rustoleum brand, because it seems to work better for outdoors. (at least that’s what the bottle says.)

When you work with spray paint make sure you are working:

  • In the open area around your house, to avoid respiratory problems.
  • Minimal wind or no wind at all.
  • Don’t paint on the sun, try to look for a shady place.
  • Shake the spray bottle before you begin.
  • Do nice slow strokes from side to side to avoid paint build up.
  • Once it is fully covered, let it dry.
  • Shake the bottle and paint with nice long strokes again.


Let it dry, and you are done! You see it’s an easy, fast, fun project and good entertainment for the kids too.


I planted dragon fruit cactus in it. I like to have plants around which works for both, decor and belly. Oooh, those fruits are delicious!

This is from our garden.

If you like upcycling and budget-friendly projects you want to take a look at this boho painted pots as well. They will give an instant cute look to your living room or kitchen.

Please comment below and leave your pictures, because I’m always on the lookout for new cute ideas.


Spray painted DIY pot tutorial

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  1. Erika Lancaster

    This looks great! I would have never thought to spray paint a plant pot! Love the color!

    • Andrea

      They work very well. I did this project last year and it is in a great shape still. Took all the rain and sun in PR.


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