40+ great decorating ideas with thrift store finds

decorating with goodwill finds

Attractive thrift store decorating ideas you can make right now


Oh, those thrift store finds…

Isn’t that the most rewarding when you find the perfect piece at the thrift store for super cheap, and you get the chance to create new beautiful home decoration?

Upcycling and repurposing thrift-store furniture and different materials are not new. Our generation didn’t invent it. BUT it is something we can do. WHY? Because we want to save money, we want to live sustainably and try to be eco-friendly by reusing items again and again.

I know it is very tempting to buy new home decoration since our TV, phone, IG & FB tell us to do so. BUT what about if we just turn those electronics off and keep the noise out?

Now we have time (and silence) to think about what we already have or can buy at the second-hand store for a couple of $. We happily get into the groove and create a new piece of furniture or decoration.

BTW it goes with our style and makes us comfortable!

Let’s jump in and see how a couple of small items and furniture makeovers can change your home.


Thrift store DIY projects

There are so many great ideas from small items, upcycled bottles, candles, lighting fixtures to baskets and furniture. Let me start with the small and easy thrift store decor ideas.

Repurpose picture frames into a new wall art

Every time you walk into a thrift store or flea market, you’ll find thousands of vintage frames laying around and waiting for their new owner. They are inexpensive and easy to repurpose them with some paint and love.

thrift store decorating with frames

via: sustainmycrafthabit.com/diy-wall-art-beach-stone-decor

This simple, clean wall art is a perfect addition to coastal-themed home decor. You can display your favorite sea glass and stone collection in your living room wall.

Thrift store vintage drawer into a decorative shelf

This is what thrifting is about. You can find an old piece of furniture with some interesting fixtures (I like that knob) and give it a complete makeover.

thrift store decor ideas

via: https://www.pillarboxblue.com/upcycled-drawers-wall-unit


Upcycle corks into a colorful wall decoration

upcycled cork wall art

via: familyfocusblog.com/wine-cork-craft-heart-decor/


Upcycle glass, bottles, candle holders and create a new decoration

I’m sure you have a couple of bottles, old candle holders, cups, etc. in the garage that you kept because they will be good for something. Well, get them out and give them a makeover.

If I’m wrong and you don’t collect this kind of item, just go to Goodwill or the closest flea market and buy some for a couple of dollars.

home decor thrifting with glass

via: sustainmycrafthabit.com/easy-diy-upcycled-driftwood-votive-candle-holder


You can paint glass jars with the marble paint technic and create a new makeup and accessories holder in the bathroom.

decorating with goodwill finds

via: amagicalmess.com/upcycle-empty-baby-food-jars/

Use thrift find bottles and cups as a planter

Easy and cute way to decorate the guest room or living room. Pick up different shaped containers and old teacup and use them as a succulent planter. 

decorating with thrift store finds

via: sustainmycrafthabit.com/repurposed-wine-bottle-crafts


Thrift store furniture makeover

All right! Let’s get into some serious DIY projects. I like furniture makeovers.

There is nothing better than finding a vintage piece and turn it into new home decor with some paint and modification.


Turn a boring cabinet into a boho Aztec design

vintage decorating ideas for bedroom

via: www.makingmanzanita.com/boho-style-cabinet


Vintage mail cart makeover

This is the perfect example of how you can combine different thrift finds to create new furniture. An old mail cart is the base of this side table, and using a cabinet door as the tabletop is genius.

best finds at goodwill

via: dukesandduchesses.com/upcycled-vintage-mail-cart-table-with-cabinet-door-tabletop


Turn a table into a stylish shelf

I saw this type of table at Goodwill many times, but I never thought of making a cute shelf out of it.

goodwill makeovers furniture

via: /dukesandduchesses.com/upcycled-table-wall-shelf


Upcycled wood table with mod podge & fabric

Cute and colorful table for kids and study rooms.

thrift store interior design

via: modpodgerocksblog.com/upcycled-furniture-fabric-table


Update a thrift store furniture with layered painting technic

Oooh, I will try this painting technic soon. It looks colorful boho and eclectic.

thrifted furniture makeover

via: www.downredbuddrive.com/layered-painting/


Barstool makeover with chalk paint and colorful fabric

See the before and after pictures of these bright barstools. Just a little color and new material, and it can match with your home decor style in a second.

thrift store makeovers before and after

via: www.downredbuddrive.com/easy-barstool-makeover/


Turn a bedboard into an entryway bench

You can find various bed boards in thrift stores, and they are the perfect item to create new furniture. There are many ideas on Pinterest, but one of my favorites is this colorful bench.

how to decorate my room without buying anything

via: sweettmakesthree.com/bed-board-diy-makeover


Farmhouse thrift store makeovers

Flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores are an ideal place to find vintage home decor items and turn them into farmhouse decor. With a little imagination, you can turn baskets, wooden legs, shakers, planters into a romantic vintage decor.

Candlesticks from salt and pepper mills

second hand home decor

via: one-thousandoaks.com/how-to-make-farmhouse-candlesticks


Simple DIY Farmhouse Decor Candle Hack

Since we love candles, I wanted to show you that you can dress up any old candles and turn it into a cute farmhouse decoration.

vintage items to look for at thrift stores

via: www.hunnyimhomediy.com/diy-projects/simple-diy-farmhouse-decor/


Decorating with thrift store finds wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are everywhere. I have some, and every time I walk by a garage sale, I spot at least 2. With a little blue paint, you can turn these little treasures into cute farmhouse decor.

best thrift finds

via: smallstuffcounts.com/painting-wicker-baskets


DIY Farmhouse Pitcher From Thrift Store Find

So it happens old stuff sometimes looks a little tacky, but if it’s cheap and you can imagine to turn it into a stylish decor, don’t live it in the thrift store.

vintage thrift store finds

via: www.makingmanzanita.com/white-farmhouse-pitcher


DIY Thriftstore crafts and makeovers

With a little paint, leather, and a lot of love, you can give a full makeover to a vintage thrift store find and turn them into a coffee table, a lighting fixture, or new furniture.

Vintage trunks and crates

cheap vintage decor

via: pinkfortitude.com/cutie-crate-upcycle/


Upcycled phone docking station

Nowadays all of us have cell phones, cameras, iPads, etc. and they need an easily accessible place next to an outlet. You can pick up some vintage crates (with old sign and logo is even better) and create a phone docking station in 1 hour.

vintage home decor cheap

via: dukesandduchesses.com/diy-upcycled-phone-docking-station


Upcycled wine corks home decor ideas

Make a bulletin board with old wine corks and a thrift find frame.

thrift home decoration

via: sweettmakesthree.com/make-your-own-cork-board-from-wine-corks


Use the corks to create a utensil holder

best thrift store for home decor

via: amagicalmess.com/cork-diy-kitchen-utensil-holder/


Decorating with thrift store finds store lamps

you can spice up your lighting fixtures with spray paint, denim, and scrap fabric. No matter what your style is, you’ll find cute farmhouse, boho, colorful, eclectic DIY lighting ideas in this section.

Upcycled painted lampshade

second hand home decor items

via: diycandy.com/upcycled-bright-diy-lampshade-old-lampshade


Wine bottle upcycled into a colorful chandelier

Eclectic colorful and easy to make lighting. Any bottle is suitable for this project.

what to look for at thrift stores

via: modpodgerocksblog.com/diy-wine-bottle-chandelier


Upcycled fan cover into a light fixture

Do you like industrial home decor? You can easily make this black metal light from a thrift store find fan cover.

things to look for when thrifting

via: dukesandduchesses.com/diy-upcycled-fan-cover-light-fixture


Repurpose map and denim to create a unique lampshade

This is the ultimate example of thinking outside of the box. Using denim to cover the lamp base and old map to create a new lampshade is a unique decoration idea.

thrift store home decor

via: www.pillarboxblue.com/denim-vintage-map-lampshade


Modern thrift store lamp makeover

Another excellent example of why you need to pick up a vintage lamp at the thrift store. Create an elegant royal blue shade for your bedroom.

thrift stores for home decor

via: smallstuffcounts.com/thrift-store-lamp-makeover

Junk into treasure, outdoor decoration

When it comes to budget-friendly home decor, we shouldn’t think about interior design only. Let’s take it up a notch and see what we can do with our thrift find tables, containers, and old teacups.

Thrift store door turned into a colorful outdoor table

This colorful set up will make your outdoor dinners and get-togethers even more joyful. check out both tutorials below.

home decor thrift store

via: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2017/05/old-door-patio-table.html

via: ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com/2017/05/upcycled-stockpot-to-planter.html


Turn an old teacup into a bird feeder

thrifter by design

via: conservamome.com/green-work-of-art-how-to-make-a-teacup-bird-feeder

Best tips for thrifting furniture & home decor items

  1. So if you are ready to shop, I believe the best thrift stores are Goodwill and Savers. But you need to go often because they tend to put new items out every day.
  2. Patience and time is your friend. When you go thrifting, it takes a long time. You get to the flea market or antic store, and everything is all over the places. You have to dig. You can find treasures only if you give yourself time and dig through the mess.
  3. As I mentioned a couple of times in this post creating new home decor from vintage, old, scratched thrift finds takes imagination. So don’t forget to think outside of the box when you look at abandoned vintage items in the store.
  4. Garage sales and tag sales. I happened to drive by many times and always thought they are garbage. BUT I needed to get out of the car and dig a little bit to find some treasure. These garage sales are great; you can’t find gems any cheaper than here. 
  5. If you are looking for furniture and bigger home decor items, you might want to check online first. Join your local FB market place and look on Craigslist before hitting the road. Google thrift stores near me and check out their website for vintage furniture listings.

Decorating with thrift store finds

I hope you got inspired by all of these great DIYs from upcycled and repurposed materials and furniture. They give you an idea of how to look for items when you are out and about thrifting.

Make sure you have fun and keep looking for the perfect treasure.

Are you looking for more upcycling DIY projects?

Comment below with your questions or best creation. Happy hunting and DIY-ing!

Don’t forget to PIN it so you can come back for ideas and tips. 

DIY goodwill home decor tips

Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Jody

    I love all of your ideas here. Upcylcing is always such a unique way to decorate and adds so much flavor to a home. I just love your style and ideas!

    • Andrea

      Jody, I think the same way. Thrift store finds are cheap and yes, they need imagination. BUT the end of the project they are so pretty and rewarding.

  2. Sarah

    These are cute. I love thrift store upcycling. And repurposing old furniture.

    • Andrea

      Sarah, I’m happy I’m not alone with my love for upcycling home decor. Let me know what you made.

  3. Davinia

    Some of these are fabulous – such beauty from ‘old’ things. Excited to hit the thrift shops and go searching for treasure!

    • Andrea

      Davinia, I’m glad you are ready thrifting. Show us how your new “old” home decor turns out.

  4. Ashley

    Wow!!! What beautiful and crafty ideas! I have some inspiration now, but I have to polish off some wine.

    • Andrea

      Ashley, wine gives you wings. 😉 Go create something beautiful.

  5. Lisa

    I’m so not creative with this kind of stuff so I love this post. So many good ideas.

    • Andrea

      Thanks, Lisa! I hope you’ll get inspired and repurpose some cute decoration soon.


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