DIY Boho Patterned Pots

boho chalk painted pot

The Fastest, Cutest DIY Project I Have Done.

Ooooh, I really like this one. It is a little boho patterned, and at the same time, it has a super clean look. Plus it is super fast and easy DIY project.

I’m usually lazy, and the garden is muddy (we live in the rainforest), so it means when I cook I kind of hesitate to go to the garden and pick the herb I need.p

I wanted to have the most important herbs in my kitchen window, but I was waiting for the perfect idea. I wanted the pots to stand out of all the green and colors from outside, and this white patterned pot does exactly that.

This little DIY project is perfect for kids as well. You can occupy them on a rainy afternoon for sure.

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What you’re gonna need:

– chalk paint

– brush

– sharpie

– mini or small pot


1. First clean the pots with alcohol to make sure it’s free of grease, dust and any residue. No sanding is needed for the terra-cotta pots.


2. Paint, let it dry and if you want to do another coat of paint. Let it dry again.


3. Draw your design with Sharpie pen. Let it dry.


My tips:

-I used a pencil to draw my little design first, and then I filled it with the Sharpie pen.

-I used a clear spray to add a shiny finish and to protect the paint, but for the boho chalk-matt look it’s really not necessary.


That’s it. You are done. Congratulation you did it!

Extra tip: Green onions are the most accessible food scrap to regrow. Just take the leftover green onion roots, drop them in a glass with enough water to cover them, and move the onions around, so the roots are pointing down. Make sure you change the water out once every couple of days. Just in a couple of days, you’ll have a brand new set of green onions. If you are like me and top your food with green onions a lot, this is a pretty simple way to ensure you always have some around.

If you like upcycling and budget-friendly projects, you want to take a look at this blue painted pots as well. They will give an instant cute look to your garden or front porch.

Let me see your creations send some pictures and ideas in the comment below.

Boho Painted Terracotta Pot tutorial



Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Stacey Felice

    I love this!!!! I’m super crafty but there are times I’d like to do something quick and easy. I’m totally going to pin this to my pinterest board it and save it in pocket for later use.

    • Andrea

      Show me some pix when they are done!

  2. Teresa

    I Love this idea! So easy and cute!!!

    • Andrea

      Exactly, I was done with the project in 30 minutes, and love the outcome. Hope you’ll try it one day.

  3. Melinda Longtin

    These pots are adorable! I will definitely try this out!

    • Andrea

      Thank you Melinda! I agree, and love the white. They really stand out of their surroundings.

  4. Malvika @ Teacups and Lipsticks

    This is so cute! I’m definitely going to try and make these, and I have the perfect spot for them in my living room. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Andrea

      Thank you Malvika! I hope they will fit your living room perfectly. Have fun with the project!

  5. W Gunning

    What a great project, must give it a go.

    • Andrea

      You must.😉 It is super cute.

  6. Erika Lancaster

    OMG! These are SUPER cute! Love them in black in white like this! Thanks for sharing!

  7. lauren

    Omg pinning this! These are the cutest little pots I’ve ever seen!

  8. Danielle

    So cute! Love how simple and cheap this DIY is!

  9. Mrs. 50

    What a cute idea! I love it 🙂 I gotta try this. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Michael

    Any type of paint will do?

    • Andrea

      Hi Michael, I used Wawerly chalk paint from Walmart, because I wanted the matt look. That worked great and didn’t chipped at all. I would guess if you have wall paint at home that should work too, but again I have no experience with that.
      I hope yours turns out great!

  11. Pamela

    My daughter LOVES cacti and this would be perfect for her new room. Adorable!!

    • Andrea

      Thanks Pamela. I hope you will make a painted pot with her. Have fun with the DIY project.


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