9 Inspiring ideas Of DIY Box For Storage

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9  Amazing decorative storage boxes you want to DIY today


Spring is here, and we are ready to clean and reorganize the house. Finally, we can live the windows open and let in some fresh air.

I’m sure you wished you have 3-4 more storage boxes and bins while organizing your closet, crafts room, or the kid’s room.

Rapidly you run to the store and find out the decorative storage bins you love are too expensive. Your other options are those ugly plastic boxes, but they need some color, fabric…something pretty.

I got good news for you! Few of my blogging friends have been busy to DIY their own box for storage.

They made cute fabric covered storage boxes using cardboard and shoe box.

Some of them upcycled wooden crates and wood drawers, and some of them created a unique foldable fabric bin.

No matter which material is closed to your heart, take a look at my favorites, and make a storage box today. Or 2 or 3…


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Cardboard box storage DIY

fabric covered cardboard boxes



When you are looking for a mid-size storage box, it is the simplest and cheapest option to make it from cardboard.

Think about it… How many packages do you get delivered from Amazon and other stores in a month?

Keep those cardboard boxes and cover them with cute printed fabric and decorative trim using an adhesive spray.

I use these fabric covered boxes to keep my shirts, tank tops, and shorts organized.


Fabric covered boxes DIY

how to make fabric boxes

source: sustainmycrafthabit.com/diy-storage-idea-upcycled-tissue-box/

Another great tutorial on how to make fabric covered boxes.

Recycling tissue boxes and reusing them as a small organizer is saving you money and helping you reduce waste. It’s a win-win in my book.


Fabric toy storage boxes DIY

how to make a fabric cube

source: sewsimplehome.com/2018/01/fold-out-bow-box-tutorial.html

Those of you who love to sew and have scrap fabrics at home here is a cute idea on how to make fabric storage cubes.

These foldable fabric cubes are great to store toys and kid’s craft accessories.


DIY fabric bins for makeup

how to make fabric storage bins

source: scrappygeek.com/small-storage-bins-containers/


How do you store your make up? Does it take you forever to find your favorite make up because they are all over the places in the bathroom cabinet?

Check out this cute fabric makeup organizer.

You can choose a fabric that matches your bathroom decoration and store your make up on the counter to access them any time quickly.


Vintage DIY shoe box organizer

how to make fabric boxes with lids

source: mypoppet.com.au/makes/shoe-box-craft-vintage-trunk-storage-box/


Since there are millions of card boxes around us, I wanted to show you a unique creation.

This vintage organizer is so easy to make and it is made out of a shoebox.

The other advantage of this organizer is, that it comes with a lid.

I love love love this DIY storage box idea! Vintage trunks are trendy home decoration items, but they can be heavy, and a shoebox is a perfect light-weight alternative.

Dress up a shoebox, with fabric, stickers, and ribbons.


Wood DIY storage box

diy cube storage bins

source: amber-oliver.com/2020/01/diy-memory-boxes/


Those of you who love using wood, I found these colorful storage boxes with lids.

You only need a couple of craft wooden boxes and bright spray paint to make these easy DIY organizers in less than 30 minutes.

They are perfect for storing your favorite photos, important papers, and craft supplies.


DIY wooden crate storage

diy boxes for storage

source: pinkfortitude.com/cutie-crate-upcycle/


Have you wondered what you can do with an old wooden crate?

Check out the tutorial above and make your own storage bins with leather, hinges, and ribbons.

If you like the vintage home decoration, transforming a wooden crate into this cute trunk will be one of your favorite DIY projects.


Wood storage box DIY from old drawers

how to make a storage bin

source: foodwinesunshine.com/diy-dresser-drawers-to-storage-boxes/


Old drawers can be used for so many DIY projects.

If you have an old cabinet with drawers or you find one at the curbside, you can make a decorative wooden storage box.

They can be a perfect addition to your costal or farmhouse home decor.

You can store blankets and pillows in them.


DIY makeup storage box

make your own fabric storage bins

source: diyncrafts.com/91599/repurpose/burlap-lace-wrapped-storage-can


Here is another cute idea on how to make a storage bin for your makeup.

You only need to upcycle a can (don’t throw away those bean cans).

Dress them up with burlap and decorative ribbons and fabric flowers.


DIY box for storage ideas


I hope you found a couple of useful ideas, and off you go to make a cute storage box.

You can look around the house, and I’m positive you’ll find card boxes, shoeboxes, or an old wood crate waiting for you to cover them with colorful paint.

It’s a good idea to keep ribbons, decorative hinges, fabric scraps, and fabric flowers. They come in handy when you want to make your own storage box.

Now that we spend a lot of time at home, try to find materials you can upcycle.

You can use any kind of paint and fabrics to dress up storage boxes, and if you already have scissors, glue, hot glue at home, you can DIY these for FREE!


Do you need more easy home decor ideas?

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