8 Cheap fall decorating ideas from upcycled materials

coastal fall decorating

Best and free DIY Fall Decor Ideas in 2020


Fall is here, and it’s time to decorate. I mean, if you like to change your home decoration from time to time.

I love to decorate and enjoy DIY. If you read my other DIY post, you know I love to save money as well. So if there is any DIY project I can do for FREE or super cheap, I’m in.

I collected my favorite easy and cheap fall decorating ideas this year for you.

These tips are all from repurposed and upcycled materials like driftwood and wood slices, which you can easily find while walking. Or old sweaters, fabrics, and yarns which you can find at home.

Remember, don’t throw away stuff; instead, upcycle them and create a new cute Fall decoration. 


Cheap fall table decorations

cheap fall table decorations

Let’s start with this very natural fall decor. This cute light from a mason jar can be a centerpiece of your farmhouse fall decor.

You can find a wood slice around your neighboorhood. Probably someone just had to cut a tree and can give you a slice. If not, Lowe’s and local gardening stores sell them for a couple of boxes.

I’m sure you have a mason jar or glass vase at home to fill it up with pine cone, leaves, and acorns. I love to collect these “accessories” when I’m walking with the dogs.

Now you have to create a cozy light effect with some battery-operated Fairy String Lights. 


Coastal fall decorating ideas

I love coastal themed houses. When I was in my friend’s house, I was wondering how you would decorate her beach themed home for fall. Walking in different stores, I got the best ideas.

Driftwood is for FREE and can be a perfect cheap but cute fall decor in a coastal home. You have to walk on the beach or next to a river to find some.

Fall dining table centerpiece

coastal fall decorating ideas

Usually, when I’m creating a table centerpiece, I like to use a wood or foam base where I glue my chosen pieces.

For this DIY fall decor project, we will use small driftwood pieces and secure them to the base with hot glue.

Then we have to find 3 small metal plates or candle holders and glue them on the driftwood. We can put candles or pumpkins on it and voila it is a perfect coastal fall decor for a dining table.


Fall coffee table centerpiece

Coastal fall decor DIY

For this pumpkin holder, you will need bigger and longer driftwood pieces and glue them together.

If you don’t want to make this, I found it in Marshall’s. I didn’t buy it, but it inspired me to collect a bigger size driftwood on my beach walks next time. Think about it it can be part of your everyday home decor, not only pumpkins and fall decoration.

Coastal fall table centerpiece ideas

cheap easy fall table decorations

Super cute driftwood pumpkins from small pieces. Almost like little rock shaped woods.

I would hot glue them on Styrofoam ball or ornament. You can purchase that in any dollar tree store.

Cheap fall porch decorating ideas

orange painted fall decor from ceiling fan blades

My absolute favorite this year. I got some old ceiling fan blades when we were changing the fans, and I wanted to upcycle them. So I created these cute, crazy pumpkin faces.

Check out the tutorial here. 

Their home is the porch in front of my friend’s office.

The best thing about it this fall DIY project was completely FREE!

Yarn pumpkin DIY

cheap fall decorating ideas

If you are like me and like crafts of all kinds, you must have leftover yarn at home. Check out these super easy and cute pumpkins Pamela made!

She used twine, but I’m gonna try this fall decor DIY from beige yarn. You see, I have no orange yarn, but luckily Pamela has useful tips on how to paint twine and yarn as well.


Crochet pumpkin DIY

cute cheap fall decorating ideas

Crocheting is not my favorite. I don’t know why, but I get bored quickly. BUT these small crocheted pumpkins are easy to make even for me.

If you like crocheting, you should have a lot of leftover yarn and can make a dozen of them. 🙂 Cheapest cutest fall decor!

Fall table decor idea from upcycled shirts

fall table decor ideas

A while back, I had some old sweaters and used them for different upcycled home decor projects.

Next time when I have shirts or even an olde fleece blanket, I will follow Holly’s instructions from pinkfortitude.com.

Her no-sew fabric pumpkins look amazing. They look so easy to make, and I love the idea of using different colors and textures of old shirts or sweaters.

An easy and brilliant way to upcycle fabrics into cute and festive fall decor.


As you can see, fall decor can be FREE or cheap.

All of these cute and easy fall decor ideas are made from upcycled materials.

You can use them as part of a fall table decoration or coffee table centerpiece. You can spice up your farmhouse, coastal, or modern themed home too.

There are so many materials like fabric, old sweater, old fleece blanket, acorns, leaves, pine cones. Use your imagination when you walk or cleaning your closet and repurpose those items into a perfect fall home decor.

I hope you got inspired and make something cool this fall. Leave a comment and add your tips and ideas to this list. 😉

Happy DIYing! If you liked it, PIN it and come back anytime for inspiration. 

cheap and easy fall decorating ideas


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  1. Joyce Rosselli

    Since I love gardening I was very interested in your cheap Fall decor hints. I felt nature would be part of them. Yea…did get some new ideas. Thanks.

    • Andrea

      Always. I love to use natural materials for my DIY decorations. Especially when I create fall or holiday decorations.

  2. Jenn Summers

    Love these ideas Andrea! My favourite might just be the coastal driftwood pumpkins! Those are so amazing and once again I’m totally jealous of your beach walking adventures hahaha

  3. Brittany

    These DIY fall decorations are adorable and look easy to make!

  4. Ashley

    WOW! These are amazing! I definitely need to find some driftwood. You gave me so much inspiration!

  5. Anna Elle Liz

    Haven’t crocheted in forever but I’m so tempted to try it with the pumpkins!

    They look so chic and cozy!

    • Andrea

      I can tell you the same, Anna. I think the last time I crocheted was with my grandma. BUT when I saw these pumpkins I thought it is one of the cutest Fall DIY projects I can do for FREE from leftover yarns.


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