Painted snowman on wood Christmas decoration DIY

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The cutest painted snowman on wood in 2020


I hope you are getting into the mood for a cute and easy Christmas craft. If yes, there is nothing better, cuter, and cheaper than turning a reclaimed wood, old ceiling fan blade into a painted snowman couple.

I love Christmas. I love to make all my holiday decorations too. This year I decided to paint a cute snowman couple on wood, and I wanted to share it with you.

Learn how to make budget-friendly DIY outdoor snowman decorations. Grab some reclaimed wood or ceiling fan blades and follow this step-by-step guide.

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What did I use to make this painted snowman on wood?

painted snowman on wood decoration

  • Ceiling fan bladesYou can use wood slices, logs, reclaimed wood for this painted snowman couple. 
  • Fine sanding paper. The ceiling fan blades already had white paint on it, so I sanded lightly to make sure I have a smooth surface to apply an extra white coat.
  • Brushes. My favorite brush set. 
  • Pencil, to draw your design before painting.
  • Acrylic paint set.
  • White outdoor paint if you work on raw wood.
  • Hot glue. I use hot glue for most of my DIY and craft projects because it is sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Scrap fabric for hat and scarf.



Painted snowman on wood step-by-step

Remember, I made this cute outdoor decoration from upcycled ceiling fans. You might choose a log or scrap wood and can skip a couple of steps.


1. Diassamble the fan baldes

diy christmas decor painted snowman

You won’t need the holders and screws. You can disassemble the fan blades and holders with a ratcheting screwdriver tool.

We will use those holes later to hand the painted snowman on the fence.


2. Prepare the ceiling fan blades for painting.

snowman diy decor


I decided to sand the blades a little.

It didn’t need much sanding since the blades were already white. I did it because I wanted to make sure the extra white coat will stick and stay.

If I didn’t sand the old paint, the new white paint would not hold, or it would chip as soon as it gets dry.

As you can see in the picture, I got a 3M sanding block. It has a mid and fine grade sanding paper, and it was perfect for my snowman fan blade project.


3. Clean fan blades

diy christmas decorations recycled materials

Clean all dust and residue with a wet rug after sanding and let it dry before moving on to the next step.


4. Paint fan blades to white

diy christmas decor hacks

Painting a wooden ceiling fan blade or any wood, I choose white outdoor paint.

I choose this kind of paint because if I want to put my Christmas decorations outdoors or to the front yard, I know, they will survive heavy rain or bad weather.

I applied only 1 coat of white paint this time. But if you see that your project needs more than 1 coat, make sure you let the ceiling fan blades dry between layers.


5. Draw a snowman face design with a pencil.

diy snowman door decoration

All right. I love to create stuff, but I suck painting faces. If you are like me and need guidelines before painting, you want to draw with a pencil first.

Once you like the drawing, then move on to the next step.


6. Paint the faces of your DIY snowman decorations.

diy painted snowman yard decorations

I painted the contours first with black; then, I waited to dry.

If you don’t wait to dry in between different colors, you might make a mess dragging the fresh paint with your hand.


7. Make a hook for your DIY snowman wall decor.

diy snowman wall decor

Decisions, decisions. I didn’t know where I’m gonna put these cuties.

Am I gonna use them as outdoor snowman decoration? Or Christmas wall decor? I ended up giving them away for my friend as a Christmas decor for her office.

Anyhow, if you think you’ll gonna put these snowmen on the wall, make a hook through the holes where the fan blade handle used to be attached.



8. Make the hats and the scarfs.

christmas diy home decor

After I painted the noses and faces, I was ready to give the final touches for the cutest painted snowman on wood couple.

They needed a hat and a scarf.

I had two mini curtain panels saved up for a DIY project, but if you don’t have any scrap fabric at home, get a yard of these.

I folded the bottom of the curtains like you would do with your cozy hat in the wintertime.

Then I glued it to the head of the snowmen.

Folded in the back and tightened with an excess piece of the curtain.

The scarves are hot glued too to the imaginary neckline of the snowman.


Painted snowmen on wood project recap

painted snowman on wood decoration

I love love love how this cute painted snowman couple turned out!

This Snowman Christmas decor DIY project cost absolutely nothing since I saved those ugly curtains. I repurposed the old ceiling fan blades, and I already had paint and sanding paper from previous projects.

Think and look around the house and neighborhood. I’m sure you’ll find reclaimed wood, logs, or wood slices. They can be used for this painted snowman DIY too.

You can decorate your porch and outdoor areas for Christmas or get a festive decoration in your living room.


Remember, you can DIY almost for FREE! Use your imagination when organizing your home and don’t throw away “old stuff” They might be perfect for a future DIY project.  


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Painted snowman on wood DIY


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    Oh my gosh I love this idea!! I gave our old fan to charity and wish I had it now. Going to look for one this weekend.

    • Andrea

      Jamie, if you don’t find any fan blades you can paint these cute snowmen on any wood. Repurpose a pallet piece of leftover wood from any DIY project. Or on driftwood.

  2. Nadia Malik

    There it is again. I believe I have seen your Halloween themed decoration using the ceiling fans too. Or it was somebody else, not sure. But these are super cute. Love them.

    • Andrea

      Guilty. I was the one who made the crazy pumpkin faces. I had 5 ceiling fan blades and I made 3 fall decor and 2 snowmen.

  3. TravelByMaya

    These are so cute!!! 😍 Love it!


    Recieved one of these adorable snowmen for a Christmas gift! Absolutely love it. And it is a homemade personal gift which I love to get!


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