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rustic toothbrush holder DIY

How to make a toothpaste and brush holder


Are you tired of looking at the dull toothbrush organizer in your bathroom? Do you find yourself browsing online for hours and still unable to find a cute piece that matches your bathroom colors?

Luckily, you can easily make small organizational improvements in your bathroom. DIY-ing a toothbrush holder is cheap and fun. Think about what you already have at home and can repurpose.

Or… visit a garage sale and pick up an interesting piece that can be turned into a stylish wooden toothbrush holder with a little paint and love.


While walking around the flea market, I found this gem. Can you guess what this is?

wooden toothbrush holder diy

This is an old cigar holder and humidifier. I got it for a couple of dollars.

It is soo perfect for a toothbrush holder for a large family. It can hold 6 toothbrushes and a few different kinds of toothpaste.

Since its color doesn’t match my small bathroom’s style, I decided to paint it. White is always trendy, crisp, and lights up any small interior area, plus I have white paint at home already.


Here are the steps, tips & and tricks from my project. I hope you get inspired and make a cool toothbrush organizer this weekend. 


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Homemade toothbrush holder supplies


  • Your choice of wooden holder. I found a cute cigar holder with 6 holes on a fleamarket.
  • Sanding paper or block. I used the 3M sanding sponge with fine and medium grade sanding paper on it.
  • White paint for wood. Rustoleum, 1-quart paint, works excellent, and I use it for different DIY projects.
  • Painting brush. I used a medium-size flat painting brush from my set.
  • Cloth for cleaning.


As you can see from the supply list, this rustic toothbrush holder DIY project is super cheap and simple.


How to make a toothbrush holder at home

toothbrush holder homemade

Before we start with our project, let’s prepare the future toothbrush organizer for painting. Bathrooms are humid, and most likely, you will place this piece close to the sink.

You want to make sure that your wooden holder is prepared for painting so it can keep the paint for a long time.


Step 1. Dissemble the lid

family toothbrush holder DIY

If your holder has a lid, remove it. I decided to keep the top and use it as a cotton pad and Q-tips holder.


Step 2. Sanding

Sanding homemade toothbrush organizer

Use the medium or fine sanding paper and remove all old paint or protective wood sealant.

Check and sand the joint areas as well for paint build up.

This step is important because if you don’t remove all old paint or stain, the white paint won’t hold up and shortly will chip.


Step 3. Clean all dust and dirt from the toothbrush holder

Once sanding is finished, you want to grab a damp cloth and wipe down your piece. Remove all dirt and dust and let it dry completely.


Step 4. Painting with white wood paint

Painting a wood toothbrush holder

Choose the brush. I tried with a regular painters brush, and it didn’t work. Why? Because the brush was too rough and big, and for this small toothbrush holder wasn’t the best choice.

I have an art painting brush set and chose a flat medium size from there. I was able to get into the joints and apply the paint easily.

You want to apply the first white paint following the grain of the wood.

Once it’s completely dry, you can paint the second coat. At this point, you can go against the grain if you want. The second coat will stick to the first one; therefore, you don’t have to follow the grain anymore.

I ended up painting 3 coats in total to achieve a white crisp, trendy look.

You can add as many coats as you want, but make sure you wait until the layers are completely dry. 


Step 5. Apply protective sealant.

This step is optional. I like to protect my painted wood DIY projects, especially if they will be used in humid places, or catch some rain, or a splash of water.

I like to use a clear polyacrylic spray for extra protection.

  1. Once the white paint is completely dry, take it outside. You’ll need proper ventilation to spray the sealer.
  2. Make sure it is not windy.
  3. Spray a thin layer of mist at a time. A touch of mist will dry in a second on the holder. If you need to apply an additional layer, go ahead and spray again.


Let it dry overnight.


That’s it! You just made a unique toothbrush holder, and it is ready to be the highlight of your bathroom.

cute toothbrush holder


DIY toothbrush holder project recap

As you can see, this project is fun and super cheap.

With pure white paint for wood, you can make a rustic toothbrush holder in no time. I also like the white color because it gives a minimalist style to any bathroom. No matter if your bathroom is small or big, you can’t go wrong with white.

The old cigar holder with 6 holes is perfect for a big family toothbrush holder. I know you might not find the same piece, but when you are thrifting, think outside of the box and find your gem.

Unique thrift store finds can be used not only for the toothbrush but for organizing toothpaste and other bathroom items too.


I hope you got inspired, and you’ll be on a lookout to find the perfect box for your custom toothbrush holder.


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creative toothbrush holder DIY

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