Easy DIY Easter Crafts to Make With Your Family in 2020

Blue painted easter egg craft

My favorite DIY Easter decorations for the home in 2020.


Easter is right around the corner, and if you didn’t do anything yet, you want to check out these 15 easy easter DIY decorations.

You’ll find traditional Easter decor, farmhouse, and rustic style, or if you like romantic, lots of floral easter crafts.

I love to make wreaths for every holiday, so I had to include a couple of ideas for Easter wreath too.

Lastly, if you are like me and like to dress up the patio, don’t leave to fast check out the DIY Easter outdoor decorations at the end of this post.

All right, let’s jump into it and see the favorites of this year. 


Beautiful Easter eggs DIY ideas

Easter egg painting and crafts are everybody’s favorite. Kids love it. Adults love it, and there are so many drawing patterns ideas you can choose from.


Painted mini clay pots

painted Easter clay pots

I love mini terracotta pots to use in my home decor DIYs. I found a set of 9 egg-shaped clay pots, and using white paint marker created some cute Easter designs in 3 minutes. It was a fun Easter craft project and perfect for kid crafts too.


Crochet Easter Eggs

DIY crochet easter eggs

Crochet crafts were always a favorite of my grandma. I’m lefty, and she had a tough time teaching me. As a result, I’m not that great at it. Anyhow, I love these crochet Easter egg covers.

I think since it is a small project, it can be easy and fast. Luckily there are crochet Easter egg cover patterns free around the net.


Painted Easter Eggs

flower hand painted easter eggs crafts

Oh, I love to paint. My mom is very good at it too.

You don’t need much, just your imagination and some paint from your kids. You can purchase plastic eggs at the Dollar Tree and start painting.

Farmhouse, country-style twine-wrapped Easter eggs

country farmhouse easter egg decor

OMG! I’m so impressed with these wrapped country style eggs.

If you do a lot of crafts, I’m sure you have some ribbons, buttons, and twine; therefore, this cute project can be done for free.


Colorful yarn wrapped Easter eggs

colorful Easter Egg DIY craft

This is another favorite of mine. It is the same concept as the twine wrapped eggs above. But if you like colorful style instead of simple, clean country home decor, you can cover the Easter eggs with different colors of strings or yarn.

Did you know you can even Dye your own yarn with Easter Egg Dye tablets to make them unique?

DIY Easter bunny decorations

crochet diy easter bunny craft

I know I know I always say the same thing… this is my favorite… but isn’t this is the cutest Easter crochet craft ever?


Easter centerpieces to make

Centerpieces are a beautiful addition to your Easter brunch table. Luckily this tie of the year we have flowers already available, and we can make an all-natural colorful table decoration in no time.

Easter Scented Soy wax candles

organic Easter crafts and DIY

Make organic natural tealights from soy wax. To make it festive you can mix little dried lavender and add essential oils too. These natural scented candles can be an addition to your Easter Brunch table alone or as part of table centerpiece.


Easter floral centerpieces

floral easter table centerpiece

So the weather is getting better. Hopefully, some of the beautiful flowers are available or are growing in your garden.

Hopefully, you got some Easter decorations saved from last year, and I’m sure there is a cute glass vase or holder you can use to create this pretty floral centerpiece for your Easter family brunch.

No worries if you need some DIY Easter decoration supplies you can always get it for cheap at Dollar Tree.


Easter romantic centerpiece

romantic easter table centerpiece DIY

Colorful, cute, and super easy Easter craft. If you like a little bling-bling, this centerpiece might be your best Easter creation.

Cute ideas for easter wreath

I like to make a wreath for every holiday. Easter is no exception. Using colorful flowers with dry branches are natural and organic Easter decoration for your walls or your entryway.


Simple floral wreath

traditional easter wreath craft

I try to make the wreaths from real flowers, but if you want to keep them for long, you can make them from artificial materials too. This Easter door wreath decoration is right for the spring also.



romantic easter wreath with bird nest

I love love love the color combination of this romantic wreath door or wall decor. Again, I can imagine leaving this pretty piece on the door for the whole spring.


DIY farmhouse easter decor

Easter is the perfect holiday for the farmhouse decor lovers. Using natural woods, branches, burlap material, and mixing them with early Spring flowers are the ultimate DIY Farmhouse decorations.


Easter basket decorations

Country style Easter centerpiece decor

Yellow spring blossoms of Forsythia intermedia tree are commonly used (at least when I was a kid) as an Easter decoration in Hungary.

I think the yellow blossoms are a lovely combination with the natural color twine wrapped eggs. Just to make it even better, you can use a natural red color tone cloth as an inline in the Easter basket, and your farmhouse table centerpiece is done.


Easter coffee table decorations

Farmhuse easter basket coffee table piece

As natural as it can be. Just amazing. If you like farmhouse and country style home decor, you want to make these twine-wrapped cute baskets, bottles,s, and Easter eggs.


Farmhouse Easter wall decor

DIY Easter Rustic Wall Decor

Do you have an empty, sad wall? Don’t leave it like that; dress it up and have a beautiful Easter wall decor for this holiday.


Rustic wrapped Easter mason jar craft

rustic wrapped easter mason jar craft

Here is a bonus to complete the farmhouse Easter home decor. Easy and super cheap twine-wrapped craft for you.

Grab one of the jars sitting in the cold room and some glue and use your imagination.

DIY outdoor Easter decorations

If you are lucky and have a backyard, you shouldn’t abandon this area and get some inspiration from here. You can upcycle old rims, carts wood slices to create a cute Easter decoration for your patio.


Large rustic Easter wreath

large easter wreath with flowers and wheel

Upcycling idea. You can use one of the bicycle trim to create a large Easter or Spring wreath.

If you don’t have any, I’m sure you can find it in a flea market or just driving around a little. Probably somebody just did a big Spring cleaning.


Ultimate DIY Easter bunny family decoration

DIY easter rustic wood slice bunny

I love nature and love to decorate with wood slice and driftwood.

Probably you are about to cut some trees in your patio. If that is the case, you can keep a couple of slices and use it for this Easter bunny outdoor decor project.

If you don’t have a wood slice, ask around probably one of your friends, family, or a neighbor cut down a tree recently.


Final thoughts on this year’s DIY Easter crafts to make.

Hopefully, you got inspired by these cute DIY Easter crafts. No matter how crafty you are, you can easily create your own Easter basket or Easter decor for your front porch.

You can choose from the farmhouse easter decor or go a little more romantic and traditional with flowers and colors.

I can’t wait to see your creations and Easter craft ideas. Please leave them in the comment.

Don’t forget to pin it and share it so you can come back to it on the weekends when you are ready to DIY.

Easy Easter DIy crafts for kids


diy easter basket decorations

Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Here I Mum Again

    These are beautiful! I love the wreaths. Off the HobbyCraft I go…

    • Andrea

      There you go! 😉 Good to hear you got inspired and ready to make some Easter crafts for your home. Have fun!

  2. Claire

    I never decorate for Easter but I feel really inspired. Especially love the twine wrapped eggs and the wreaths

    • Andrea

      It’s been years I haven’t decorated for Easter either. But there are so many ideas and I just couldn’t help it and had to share the newest cutest Easter crafts and decorations. Happy crafting!

  3. Erin

    Cute ideas! There is a Easter DIY project for all!

    • Andrea

      Certainly Erin. I love the natural tone around the house, but also love to spice it up with colors. Just like this Easter DIY post. 😉

  4. Kerri

    So many great ideas! Spring/Easter are my favorite time to decorate. Happy DIY’ing! ~Mama Dares to DIY

    • Andrea

      Happy DIY’ing to you! I hope you get some cool Easter DIY projects done in the coming up weekends.

  5. Jenn Summers

    So many great ideas must pin for later thanks so much.

  6. Skyler

    I love the bicycle Easter wreath idea! I’ll pin these for later. Thanks for sharing!

    • Andrea

      Me too Skyler! I haven’t seen a nice upcycled DIY wreath project like that. People really put every junk material to good use and create amazing DIY home decor.

    • Andrea

      There you go, Chris. I think the painted eggs are easy, but the wreath and the centerpieces are easy to make too. Have fun creating some cool Easter home decor this year.


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