26 Awesome & easy DIY projects for the home

diy easy home decorating ideas

26 Simple DIY home projects you want to make this Spring


Spring is coming, and most of us have the itch to redecorate or refresh our home. For some of us, it means easy crafts that our kids can help with, and some of us have our mindset to repaint the walls or DIY a piece of new furniture.
No matter what you have in mind this Spring, I want to show you my favorite DIY hacks you can easily implement in your home.
Remember, the best decoration is the one you make. DIY-ing is rewarding and is super unique.
All right! Let’s DIY on a budget and create a unique home decor this weekend. 


DIY home decor ideas for the rooms

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The living room is one of the most important places in our home. That is where the family gather and have a movie night or have a great conversation with friends and loved ones.


Add texture with DIY blanket and pillow cases

ideas for decorating projects

Source: homemadelovely.com/neutral-spring-farmhouse-living-room/

If you like neutral colors, homemade pillowcases, and floor cushions, you’ll love this living room makeover.

I love the simple white and off-white colors. Hand-knitted blankets and pillowcases can be done in 1 hour.

The good thing about this living room that she didn’t buy any expensive furniture. She used what she had and added some texture with knitted pillowcases, floor cushions, blanket, and faux plants.

You don’t like knitting and crocheting? No worries, you can get the look, and you don’t even have to break the bank.


Make a Spring vignette for the living room

diy home projects on a budget

Let’s stay with the farmhouse theme for a second. This cute and colorful vignette is created with upcycled materials.

If you are looking for cheap and creative decorating ideas, you’ll love to visit ourcraftymom.com to get tips on how to make a Spring farmhouse vignette.


Upcycle an old buffet furniture

home decorating diy projects

source: sustainmycrafthabit.com/upcycled-buffet-furniture-diy-makeover/

One of the easy and cheap DIY is to repurpose old furniture. Most of the time, it only needs a little love, sanding, and new paint.

White cabinets are trendy now, and they go well with Farmhouse or coastal theme. The perfect addition to the other farmhouse home decor projects.

I love those flower knobs, and I have a lot of rope baskets for laundry, blankets, and pillows.

If you want to get the look check out these cuties:


Paint stripes on the wall

cheap diy projects

source: 5minutesformom.com/117414/how-to-paint-stripes-on-a-wall/

If you would like to bring a little texture and design into a guest room or a kid’s room, you’ll find this striped wall might be your answer.

One of my favorite DIY home improvement idea is to refresh a wall or a whole room with new paint. This year the blue, grey, and green paint colors are trendy. Check out the winners of 2020: Pantone classic blue and BEHR back to nature color.


Make a bean bag for dorm or kid’s room

cheap diy projects for your home

Sewing a bean bag is an easy DIY home decor project. I made 2, and with simple stitches and design, I was able to finish each of them in 1 hour.

I repurposed a fleece blanket for the giant bean bag and curtains for the pyramid one.


Simple DIY wall decor projects

To spice up your home, you can always create unique wall decorations. They can be as small or as big as you want.

You can use reclaimed wood to make a personalized sign or frame a diamond painting.

No matter what you and your kids are crafting, you can create a craft gallery on your wall.


DIY wall decor signs

home decor diy ideas easy

source: makingmanzanita.com/diy-hello-sunshine-wood-sign/

Welcome Spring and Summer with this cute and colorful DIY sign. Remember, it can be as cheap as FREE! If you repurpose a piece of wood and use leftover paint, you already have in the garage.


Display wicker baskets on the wall

best diy home projects

source: makingmanzanita.com/wicker-baskets-on-wall/

I collect baskets. I don’t know why, but they are cute and colorful.

If you have a lot, you can create a boho nature accent wall. It looks natural and boho at the same time.

Do you want the look, but you don’t have the baskets at home? Check out these budget-friendly options.



DIY decor ideas for bedroom

There are some great ideas to give a makeover to your bedroom. These projects are affordable and easy to do.

Instead of buying new furniture, you can upcycle your existing ones or add only new accessories, like handmade blankets, pillowcases, and rag rugs.


Give a new look to a bedroom bench

cheap creative decorating ideas for the bedroom

credit: 5minutesformom.com/115467/diy-fabric-painted-bedroom-bench-makeover/

Do you have an outdated bench at home? Choose this easy DIY project to give a makeover to it.

Instead of reupholstering your bedroom bench, you can give a beautifully simple look with fabric paint.


Make a hand-knitted blanket

do it yourself decorating crafts

Knitting and crocheting with chunky yarns are one of my favorite easy home DIY. I used chunky chenille yarn and finished the whole blanket in 1 hour.

A charming and cozy addition to any bedroom, and I hope you’ll make a chunky blanket for yours too.


Make a yarn pom pom rug

crafting ideas for home decor with yarn

Making a fluffy bedroom rug is a cheap home decor craft idea. You can create so many different designs with pom poms by mixing the color and the texture of the yarns.

I used the Bernat baby blanket yarn, and I can not be any happier with my rug. 😉


Bathroom DIY decor ideas

When you are thinking about cheap ideas for the house, you might want to include some bathroom remodeling ideas too.

When I say remodeling, you don’t have to break the walls, bathtubs, and the bank, but you can probably spice up 1 wall of the bathroom and craft some unique small accessories.


Wall makeover with shiplap

home decorating diy projects

source: sustainmycrafthabit.com/installing-shiplap/

If you are up for the challenge and are an advance DIY-er installing a shiplap can give a complete makeover to your bathroom.

With denim blue paint, it is very stylish and gives you a coastal beachy feeling.


Make colorful mason jar candles

easy home decorating craft ideas

One of my favorite craft idea when it comes to home decor is to make some candles. There are so many options you can choose from, but I like the natural organic beeswax and soy wax candle making kits.

Getting your well-deserved relaxing time at your bathroom with homemade candles is the BEST!


DIY kitchen remodeling and decorating ideas

The kitchen is the other place where we spend a lot of time. I hope you like to cook and spend as much time in the kitchen as us.

If you like natural wooden decoration in the kitchen, you’ll love the next easy home decorating craft idea.


Make a noodle or cutting board

Let’s start with a simple but beautiful kitchen decor idea.

cheap home decor craft ideas

source: wethreeshanes.com/diy-noodle-board/

A couple of reclaimed wood can work perfectly to make a new cutting board. This white chalk painted noodle board gives a fresh Farmhouse feeling to your kitchen.

It can be used as a tray too, and it is an excellent addition to small kitchens and apartments.


DIY kitchen cabinet makeover ideas

You know every time I look at my kitchen cabinets, I’m thinking of having a demo day. BUT! I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on kitchen remodeling.

diy kitchen decorating projects on a budget

source: sustainmycrafthabit.com/how-to-paint-kitchen-cabinets-without-sanding/

So I looked at different ideas, and I love this repainting DIY project! Mostly because she is showing us the way how you can repaint kitchen cabinets without sanding.


Install a new backsplash

do it yourself home decor projects

With a new backsplash, you can refresh your kitchen or kitchen island in half a day.  When we decided to install a subway backsplash on the kitchen island, we saved a lot of money by not paying a crew.

It was a fun family project and took us only 1 Sunday morning.

Aaaand, if you think installing tiles is hard, you can substitute them with peel and stick tiles. They are just as beautiful as their “real” friend but much easier to install.

Check the trendiest peel and stick tiles out:


DIY kitchen backsplash paint ideas

If you have a backsplash already and don’t like it anymore, you can refresh it with some paint.

new home projects

source: sustainmycrafthabit.com/painting-tile-backsplash/


Painting an old backsplash is a cheap and easy way to refresh an old kitchen. Or if you just bought a new home and didn’t want to spend the money on a complete kitchen remodeling, you might want to turn to our best friend, the paint.


DIY dining room ideas

Now, let’s talk about the dining room. After you’re done with the kitchen decoration, you might find yourself wondering if the dining room needs a little lift up too.

The good news is that there are so many affordable DIY home decor ideas for this room. Most likely, you already have a table and chairs, so they only need love and paint, and you got yourself a fresh new look.

Cheap projects also can include dressing up the dining table with a new centerpiece or homemade napkins.

Let me show you some cool examples.


DIY dining room table makeover with fresh chalk paint

homemade things for home decoration

source: thegiftedgabber.com/turquoise-and-white-kitchen-table/

This old wood table got a new coastal themed decoration with seafoam and white chalk paint.

I like that she followed the colorful but natural theme and used coral and turquoise colors for the plates and napkins.


Refinish and stain a wooden dining table

This DIY house decor idea is special for us. The table is homemade from scratch and was gifted to our family. But after 25 years it needed a lot of love and a new stain.

diy home decor ideas on a budget

If you like the natural look of wood furniture and you don’t want to spoil it with colors refinishing and staining your table is your best and cheapest option.


DIY dining room centerpiece ideas

diy easy home decorating ideas

source: francinesplaceblog.com/2017/01/diy-hot-glue-decorated-vases.html

A super cheap and creative idea is to upcycle bottles and create a colorful centerpiece for your dining table.

Kids can help you with this crafty project too. You only need hot glue and chalk paint.


Create a festive centerpiece with painted mini clay pots


I got these cute clay pots for a few dollars. It is a set of 9 mini terracotta pots. I forgot about them, and now that Easter is coming up, I thought they are perfect for a unique home decoration craft.

decorating crafts ideas

I used only white paint markers. Probably one of the cheapest and easy home decor I ever made.

After Easter is over, you can use them as a succulent planter too. Check out my easy video and written clay pot tutorial. 


Easy DIY projects for the Patio

Some of us are lucky to have a porch, patio, and backyard. I grew up in an apartment and couldn’t wait for Sundays, so we can go to my grandma’s house and spend hours in the garden.

Now that I have a backyard, I love to decorate it, and I’m always on a lookout for easy DIY home projects for the outdoor areas.

Here are my favorites.


Patio Gazebo DIY project

decoration for patio project

source: girljustdiy.com/diy-patio-gazebo-from-a-kit/

Building a gazebo can be a challenging project. Especially if you decide you’ll make a wooden one.

But there is nothing more relaxing when you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon sitting outside in the shady gazebo

If you are living in an area where bug bites are an issue, you might want to have a gazebo that has screens. I found this cute gazebo kit. Easy to install and a cheaper patio decor option with a benefit of protection against mosquitos and bugs.


Repurpose an old bench

easy home decor diy projects

Repurposing a curb finds and old furniture can be an entirely cheap and easy home decor project.

We decided to create a colorful red bench and only spent money on sandpaper and red paint.


Turn an old basket into a plant stand

cheap ideas for house and patio

source: girljustdiy.com/outdoor-plant-stand-from-old-basket

What is cheaper than repurposing old junk into a new patio decoration?

With a little paint and imagination, you can mix and match old items and create a new crafty handmade home decor.


Create a pot garden

diy on the cheap gardening

source: annsentitledlife.com/how-does-your-garden-grow/spring-gardening/

If you have a small or limited place and like gardening, you can make vertical or hanging planters and harvest tomatoes and fruits from home.


Create a pop of color for the entrance

cool home ideas cheap

I decided to repurpose a pair of sturdy plastic planters and gave them a new life with turquoise spray paint. Easy and fast home decor project.


Awesome & easy DIY projects for the home

I hope you enjoyed these handmade home decor ideas.

There were simple and more challenging tips in this article, but all of them helps you to decorate your home and patio on a budget.

When you decide to decorate your home on your own try to:

  • repurpose items you already have.
  • Try to purchase only the must-have accessories you need and use left-over paints, markers, etc. to finish your DIY project.
  • Purchasing colorful items like a cute yellow doorknob is still cheaper than buying a new cabinet.
  • Have fun and craft with your kids. They will enjoy it too.


Do you need more cheap DIY projects? Check out these ideas:

  1. Upcycle thrift store finds
  2. Ways to upcycle sweaters
  3. Frugal DIY home decor from our house
  4. Cheap outdoor home decor from our home


I hope you got inspired and ready to work on one of these easy DIY home decor projects.

Don’t forget to pin it and comment below with your questions. Happy DIY-ing!

easy DIY projects for the home

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