Fall pumpkin decoration from repurposed ceiling fan blade

Halloween outdoor DIY decor

The cutest wooden fall decor DIY in 2019


Usually, I don’t decorate for fall. BUT this year we were changing some ceiling fans in our friend’s house, and you know us…. we don’t like to throw things away.

So I was looking for ideas about how I can repurpose these old ceiling fan blades.

I started checking Pinterest for ceiling fan blade crafts and painted fan blades DIY projects.

I have to tell you all of them are cute. Fan blade flowers, DIY dragonfly, but I really wanted some fall and Halloween decor this time. 

I decided to make some funky super orange crazy pumpkin faces. 😉

Follow along and create your Halloween DIY decor in 6 easy steps.

ceiling fan blade fall decor project

I repurposed old ceiling fan blades, but remember you can paint on any reclaimed wood or pallets too.


What did I use for this ceiling fan blade art project?

First thing first. What you’re gonna need:

  • Fine sanding paper. If you have paint on the blades or the reclaimed wood, you need to sand it down a little.
  • Brushes
  • Pencil, to draw your design before painting.
  • Paint.
  • Hot glue. Any wood glue is fine…


wooden painted pumpkin face DIY

Before you start, take off the fan blade holders.


1st Step. Sanding the ceiling fan blades

DIY Halloween painted pumpkin faces

I decided to send the blades a little.

I didn’t go crazy here but wanted to make sure my orange paint will stick and stay. If I wouldn’t sand the old paint a little bit, I’m sure my orange paint would not hold, or it would chip as soon as it gets dry.

As you can see in the picture, I got a 3M sanding block. It has a mid and fine grade sanding paper, and it was perfect for my fan blade project.


2nd Step: Clean fan blades

orange painted ceiling fan blade DIY

Don’t forget to clean with a wet rug after sanding. Make sure there is no dust or any dirt.

Let it dry before jumping into the next step.


3rd Step: Paint fan blades to orange

wooden fall decor DIY

Painting a wooden ceiling fan blade or any wood, I choose outdoor paint. Simply because I might want to use my fall decoration in the patio or front porch.

I applied the orange paint with a wide painters brush and painted 2 coats.

If you need 2 coats, make sure you let the ceiling fan blades dry between layers.


4th Step: Draw pumpkin face design with a pencil.

All right. I needed some guidelines. I’m no good painting faces.

So I had to draw with a pencil, and then I followed those guidelines with my brush.


5th Step: Paint the pumpkin faces.

Autumn painted wooden decoration

I painted the contours first with black; then, I waited to dry. Since I’m lefty, everything can get pretty messy if I keep dragging my left hand on fresh paint or ink.

As you can see in the picture 1 coat of white paint wasn’t enough. I had to do 2 layers of the whites.


6th Step. Make a hook through the holes of the fan blades.

painted ceiling fan blade DIY wall decor

I wasn’t sure if I’m gonna use these Halloween pumpkins faces on the wall or on the door or even outdoors.

I decided to make a hook in case they become a fall wall decor.


7th Step. Decorate pumpkin faces.

orange painted fall decor from ceiling fan blades

After I finished with the pink paint for the noses and faces, I thought my ceiling fan pumpkins are too bald and decided to make hats for them out of tree bark I found.

I broke off some big pieces and secured it to the pumpkin fan blades with hot glue.

That’s it! Aren’t they the cutest pumpkin faces?

Autumn Fall wooden DIY decor ideas

Remember, you can DIY almost for FREE! Look around your house or when you walk with the dogs and repurpose, reclaim a piece of wood and use materials like tree bark to decorate. 

This Fall decor DIY project cost around $10 since I only had to pay for the sanding paper and the orange paint.

I have a set of acrylic paint already in my craft drawer. (I’m sure your kids have some paint too 😉 )

Check out my Christmas DIY, also if you want to save money this holiday season. 

If you liked it, comment below and PIN it for later so you can come back and make your cute pumpkin faces. 

painted wooden pumpkinface


Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Kelsey

    So cute and creative!

  2. Nadia Malik

    That’s such a cute idea. I actually have an old fan lying around and I was going to throw it away but now i am going to do this.

    • Andrea

      Yeeeah! I love it when somebody gets inspired by my post and repurpose some old “stuff” for creating home decoration. Happy DIYing!

  3. Kim

    What a great idea! Your painting skills are great also. I need to stretch my imagination to come up with ideas like this. Thanks for posting.

    • Andrea

      Thanks, Kim. If you can’t imagine (which happens to me too) look for drawing ideas on Pinterest, then draw with pencil first. It makes it so much easier.

  4. Debbie

    Great idea, I would never have thought of doing that to a fan that in a million years! great job

    • Andrea

      Thanks, Debbie. I didn’t think of it either, but so many reclaimed wood ideas are out there I figured ceiling fan blades can be used too.

  5. Happier at Home

    Oh my goodness! These are adorbs!! I’m at home with my kiddos and we have just moved to a place with extra blades!! We’re set for this project! Thabk you!!

    • Andrea

      Oh, I’m glad you will use this tutorial especially you already have some ceiling fan blades to repurpose. Have fun with the kids creating these crazy pumpkin faces. 😉

  6. Karen

    These are adorable. I love to upcycle!!

    • Andrea

      Me too Karen. I love to create home decor for FREE from repurposed items.


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