How to decorate and draw on clay pots

clay pot painting designs

Unique hand-painted clay pots you want to make


There is no way you won’t like this plant pot painting idea! 😉

Drawing and painting on clay and terracotta pots are fun DIY activities, and it is so easy that kids enjoy making them too.

It is a unique way to create a new home decoration or add a colorful piece to your backyard and garden.

I love to give new life for my clay and plastic planters. So if you are browsing for terracotta pot painting ideas, you come to the right place.

This DIY tutorial is easy to follow and super budget-friendly! Your new creation will be done in less than 30 minutes.


Why did I say it’s budget-friendly? Because the supplies you’ll need is very minimal, and they are inexpensive.

pot decoration ideas with paint

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Here is what I used

  • Cheap clay pots. I chose this set of mini terracotta pot for their egg shape. They are perfect for a  mini succulent garden or Easter decoration.
  • White paint marker pen. I imagined a mandala or Easter egg design on my clay pots, and these white paint markers are perfect for that.
  • Pencil to draw your design. You don’t need this if you like free-hand drawing. You’ll see it a little bit later how I made up half of my design as I went. 


You might ask: Can you paint clay pots?

cute painted flower pots

I can assure you, YES! Aaaaand, it is so much fun for adults and kids. Small planters can be a perfect summer craft for your kids, and the larger one can be a great empty canvas for your imagination.

What kind of paint did I use for clay pots? I upcycled my chipped outdoor planters using Rustoleum vibrant blue spray paint. This spray paint worked for me well on both plastic and clay surfaces.

My best paint to use on terracotta pots is Waverly chalk paint. They look so natural and farmhouse-ish, and you can buy them in any Walmart or Hobby Lobby.

Usually, I don’t worry about outdoor paint for terracotta pots. The thing is, I use whatever paint I have at home from other projects and make sure I seal it with a water sealant.

I seal the inside of the pot, let it dry, then paint the outside, let it dry. Then finish the project with the sealant over the dry paint. This method has been working for me well for years.

No matter which color you want to use for pot painting, these paints and markers are available in every color of the rainbow.


Do sharpies work on terracotta pots?

Yes. BUT when you buy a marker for your crafts, chose the ones that they are water-resistant and/ or oil-based. They tend to be the best markers for terracotta pots because they dry super quick, and they are permanent.

They work well for any crafts and surfaces, like pottery, wood, glass, and plastic. You can even use them for rock painting projects.

My experience: I loved loved loved the POSCA white paint marker for painting these clay pots. They worked well, gave me control of my design, and dried in seconds.

When I was looking for the right white marker, I found this youtube video. It helped me to choose the right brand and thickness for my craft projects.


How to paint a terracotta flower pot


Since my miniature terracotta pots are egg-shaped and Easter is around the corner, I wanted to have a cute Easter Egg design on my planters.

To achieve that, I chose a marker or sharpie instead of paint and brush. I felt like I can control my drawing much better with a marker instead of a paintbrush.

I love the natural color of the clay pot. It is super similar to an organic eggshell. So I decided I won’t paint them in different colors. Plus, I can use them after Easter for everyday home decor.

BUT! If you make these with your kids, it would be fun to paint the clay pots to different colors before you draw the final design on them.


All right.  Let’s get to the step by step tutorial! You can read the written instructions or scroll down a little bit for the full video. I know some people (including me) like to see both versions. DIY videos are addictive. 🙂


1st. Clean the clay pot

With a wet rag (a little alcohol won’t hurt), you can move all oil residue and dirt off of the surface.

Let it dry.


2nd. Draw your design

clay pot paint designs

I used a pencil to draw my first clay pot design. Make sure you don’t push the pencil on the pot so hard because you will only use them as guidelines.

Pencil tends to erase easily from clay surfaces if you touch it with your fingers. Try not to do that. Take a look at the video in the next step on how I was handling my clay pots while drawing.


3rd Step. Paint with the white marker

painting terracotta pots ideas

The POSCA paint marker works a little differently than his brother sharpie. You have to shake it first to mix the paint.

Then push the tip against the clay pot and let the first paint drop to flow from the tip of the marker.

Start painting following your drawn design. Repeat the shaking and pressing the tip if you need more paint.

Extra tip: Sometimes, you see blank spots and try to go over it again. It won’t work! It’s similar to painting a wall. You have to wait until the paint is dry. Give a couple of seconds until it’s completely dry and then go over the area again.

That’s it! You created a unique fun terracotta pot in 30 minutes.


Ideas for painting terra cotta pots

  1. Funny plant pots. You can write on the containers funny sentences like “I will survive” or “Please grow” or “Wet my plants” to make everybody smile in your home.
  2. Teacher appreciation flower pots. Small pots created by your kids are a perfect gift for teachers. They always welcome homemade crafts.
  3. Painting faces on clay pots. Giving life to the containers by painting faces on them is a fun project. You can also paint little bunny or chicken face for Easter.
  4. DIY personalized flower pots. There is no better way to surprise your loved ones with a personalized homemade gift. You can write a personal message on the clay pot or draw something that you know she or he loves. For example a favorite flower or animal.
  5. Other things to make with clay pots: Easter or Christmas table centerpiece, mini succulent arrangement, cute outdoor planting animal statues. Outdoor tiered planters.


How to decorate clay pots

I hope you had fun watching the DIY video or reading the step by step instructions. Painting clay pots are fun for everyone.

It could be a flower pot painting project for kids too.

These 3 designs to paint on pots can give you a set of cute planters or Easter decoration.

I stayed with the natural color of the terracotta pot, but you really don’t have to stick with it. Design and create your colorful planters as soon as you can.

Chalk paints and markers dry quickly, and you can be done with the project in no time.


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How to decorate clay pots

I hope I made your day, and you can make mine too by leaving a comment below with your tips and tricks on how you decorated your clay pots.

Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Nay nay

    Totally made my day.
    Absolutely love this!

    • Andrea

      Thank you, Nay Nay! I hope you’ll paint some clay pots soon.

  2. Christine

    I love these. Great for kids but also adults too. I will definitely be having a go.

    • Andrea

      I hope you’ll enjoy the project, Cristine!

  3. Esmeralda Caballero

    Where can I buy stencils to draw eyes & mouths on clay pot. I have search on line but have not found any website or craft store that’s sells them. I am not good at drawing at all & would like to use a stencil. Please help. Thank you

    • Andrea

      Hi Esmeralda,

      I found some stencils for eyes and mouth on These files on Etsy are usually downloadable. Once it is on your computer you can print it out and use it for your crafts.

      I hope this helps. Happy rafting!


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