How to make beautiful scented candles with flowers

candle making for beginners

8 Easy steps making scented candles with dried flowers


Until last week I was one of those people who thought that making candles from scratch is hard.

I have good news for you. DIY dried flower candles are an easy and fun project! I did it and so can you!

Why do you want to make candles when there are a million options in stores, markets, and online?

  • Taking up a DIY project is good for the soul and exercises your mind and creativity.
  • Candle making supplies are super inexpensive.
  • Mixing candles with essential or fragrance oils are great for aromatherapy and self-care.
  • Homemade candles are great as gifts. I gave away all I made, and my friends were amazed and super happy with them.


So if you are ready and want tips and tricks to amaze your friends and family with homemade scented candles, keep on reading.


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What supplies you’re gonna need

soy candle recipes with essential oils

I’m gonna give you the exact measurements I used, and you can alternate yours with more or less essential oils and dried flowers to your liking.

  1. 4 cups Soy wax (I used soy wax for my first ever candle making project, but you can use any organic wax too.)
  2. 8 candle wicks (I used shot glasses; therefore, I didn’t have to worry about the length. Make sure the candle wick is a little longer than your container)
  3. Double boiler (anything in your kitchen will work. I used a saucepan and got a smaller candle pouring pot which fits perfectly in the pan)
  4. 8 shot glass (candle container options are endless. You can use mason jars, glasses, cups, etc.)
  5. lavender and rosemary essential oils. (or your choice)
  6. Dried flowers. I ordered a set of 8 different dried flowers because I want to use them for other DIY projects.
  7. Wooden skewer and pencils for steering the melted wax and holding the wicks in place.


As a beginner, I decided to buy a DIY candle making kit, and I’m glad I did.  It comes with soy wax flakes, pre-cut wicks, and centering device.

There are so many inexpensive options on Amazon. I have a lot of leftovers to make more candles in the future.


Step1: Measure the wax.

Are you a visual learner? Check out my video on how I made beeswax candles and read the instructions later.

Since the wax flakes are not melted yet, you can use any measuring cup you have in the house. It won’t get messy this time. 😉

how to make candles with flowers inside


What kind of wax to use

So let’s talk about different candle wax options for a second. Nowadays, we try to help the environment and are conscious of our family’s health too.

It’s good to know before you buy which option would work the best for you.

Parrafin wax is a byproduct of the oil purification process. Even though petroleum-based paraffin has bad fame, it can be found in candles, wax paper, nail-polishes, and many cosmetic items.

According to a study, paraffin wax candles release harmful fumes like toluene and benzene when burned. The same research says it takes a long period of exposure to these fumes. Well, who knows…I wouldn’t risk it anyway.

Besides, we want to help the environment and conserve it for the younger generations. Now crude oil, as I mentioned, is the origin of paraffin wax and, unfortunately, is considered highly unsustainable. No good. 

So now we can see a high demand for Soy wax as a healthier and renewable resource, plus they are biodegradable. It’s been also said that soy wax lasts longer than paraffin candles.

The soy wax has a low melting point. Don’t get me wrong as a beginner I have to say they are great for making candles in jars and containers, but you might find it hard to make pillar candles without adding a paraffin blend into the wax mix.

Beeswax is the ultimate choice for those who want an organic candle. It has a more natural light when burning. It gives you a warmer feeling. On the other hand, soy candle has a bright white light, like your iPhone or electronic devices, which doesn’t bother me at all.

It is also believed that the bee wax candle’s flame is brighter, and the candle lasts longer than the soy brother.

Go figure… I hope you’ll be able to choose the right wax for you based on your preference and this post.



Step 2: Melt the wax.

homemade candles with flowers

You should melt the wax on your stovetop. (I can’t wait to make a video about this DIY candle project, and I’ll try to melt the wax outdoors on a grill.)

So, I used a wax pouring pot in a saucepan because I wanted to dedicate one pot for the candles. Knowing after candle making, I won’t be able to use that pan for cooking anymore.

Anyway, you can either do this with a bowl in a saucepan of shallow water or choose a pan that you don’t mind dedicating to only candle making.

Step 3: Add fragrance oils.

I prefer essential oils. I know them better. I trust them better. BUT fragrance oils are commonly used in DIY scented candles. Why?

  • Inexpensive, and you can purchase them anywhere online or at your local craft stores.
  • Fragrance oils that mimic the scent of different designer perfumes are also available. (which is impossible to achieve with essential oils.)
  • I’m not sure though about how organic, healthy, and environment-friendly a fragrance oil can be…


How about essential oils?

  • Essential oils are concentrated oils — an extract from plants, seeds, spices, woods, and fruits.
  • They are natural and used in aromatherapy, skincare, and natural healing.
  • BUT they can be expensive, especially if you buy a better grade essential oil.


When making your candles, you’ll want to add your oil after you’ve melted the wax. I heard and followed the tip, which says not to melt the wax over 185F once it contains oils.

Why? Because if the heat is too high, you’ll burn off the fragrance, and it won’t be scented anymore — just food for thought. 

Fragrance and Essential oil mixing and measurement ratio.

When you make a scented candle with fragrance oil, it is a good rule of thumb to mix 6-10% of the overall weight of your wax. You know, you can always alternate the percentage to your liking.

How much essential oil to mix in a homemade candle? As a general rule, 1 ounce of oil for every pound of wax you use. It’s about 6-7% of the wax.

When you are working with different essential oils, you have to remember (read and experience) they vary in strength.

For example, my original essential oil candle recipe was: an equal drop of lavender and rosemary. I adjusted it because I knew the lavender would overpower the rosemary.

I did 15 drops of lavender and 30 drops of rosemary. (Aaaaand the lavender is still stronger 🙂 so I will adjust more next time.)


Step 4: Attach the wick.

pressed flowers on candle

I tried the usual method to secure the wicks to the bottom of the glass. Dip the cord in the melted wax and put it in the glass. Wait until the wax gets dry and sticks.

It sometimes didn’t happen, and I had to repeat the process.

TIP: if you have a hot glue gun, you can easily make this process faster and glue the wicks to the center of the container.

BTW my soy wax kit came with wicks and wick placeholders. Placeholders are an easy way to keep the wicks centered when pouring the wax into the candle holder.


Step 5: Pour the wax.

how to make fragrant candles

I upcycled some metal shot glasses. Repurposing items that you don’t use anymore is a great way to save money and help the environment. No trash, just new treasure!

Lots of people use mason jars, or you can use small bowls. Use anything of your choice, preferably what you already have at home.

The only thing left is to slowly pour the melted wax into the candle container and leave about 1/4 inch of space from the top of the jar.

Extra tip: how to avoid candle cracking? I thought it wouldn’t happen to me because we live in a tropical climate… BUT candle wax cools off very fast, and your homemade candle might crack. Try to wrap the jar in a cloth; that way, you avoid the sudden temperature drop, and you don’t “shock” your candles.


Step 6: Secure the wick.

No matter how hard I tried, the wicks rebelled and moved a little bit. So I readjusted them and looped them around the pens.

That is why you want to choose the right length for your candle project. 


Step 7: Add dried flowers

make your own essential oil candles

Adding dried flowers can jump up in this list. If you want more flowers or you want them at the bottom, you can add some in the jar before you pour the wax. Also, you can mix flower petals to the melted wax before pouring.

I decided I’m gonna use it only at the top because I will keep the candles in the shot glass, and they won’t show on the sites anyway. I poured the wax first, then secured the wicks and then added some dried flowers.


Step 8: Cut the wick and add decoration.

oils for making candles

Let your beautiful scented candles to cool and solidify overnight, up to 24 hours if you can wait. Then cut the wick leaving a little bit of its length so you can start the candle.

Now that the candles are set, it’s time to add any decoration. For example, a lavender sprig, and dried flowers or labels if you made the candle as a gift.


Your beautiful scented candles with flowers

I think we can celebrate already! You just made a beautifully scented candle. If you give it away no matter what the occasion is, I’m sure you’ll impress your loved ones with its light, scent, and craftsmanship.

As you can see, my first ever handmade candles turned out beautiful. I used lavender and rosemary essential oils. Not only because they smell fantastic, but they fall into the cheaper essential oil category.

Try to upcycle jars, glasses, cups, old used tea candle holders to save money.

BTW if you have old candles at home, you can melt them together and create a new pretty one.

Candle making is a fun, easy, and budget-friendly DIY project. I enjoyed it, and I hope you will too! 


Do you want to see other cute and easy DIY projects?

Show me your creations and share your tips in the comments.

Don’t forget to PIN it and come back later for the candle making steps.

can you put essential oil in candles


Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Ej

    What an awesome project to do with my kids for valentine’s day. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marla Bosworth

    Your candles turned out lovely!
    Just a word of caution that low flashpoint essential oils such as citrus will ignite. (I learned the hard way!)
    Happy candlemaking,

    • Andrea

      Thank you, Marla! I will update this post with your tip. It is a very good tip.

  3. rosetakey

    hello, is it safe to add dried flower on top of the candle? im afraid that it’ll be burned by the fire. thanks

    • Andrea

      Hi, Rose.
      So here is my experience. No matter if I put the flowers in the melted wax or I put it in the holder then pour the wax on it, the dried flowers are lighter than the wax and most of them ended up on the top. I stirred a little bit while the wax was cooling off and that helped.

      Don’t pack too many dried flowers and try to stir the flowers away from the wick before the candle mix gets completely solidified.

      My candles never caught on fire, but I wouldn’t leave them unattended.

      Next time when I make candles with dried flowers I will use the double candle holder technic and will place the flowers in between the two holders. Check out this article:


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