How To Make The Cutest Scrunchies Of The Season

what fabric to use for scrunchies

9 Super easy DIY scrunchies and headband ideas

Ooooh, I love it!

I was a teen in the ’80s and had the chance to experience the epic rise of the scrunchies.

Fun fact: Did you know scrunchie come out in 1987? BUT It was invented waaay before the ’80s, but actually Ronny Revson was so smart to patent it 1987. Initially they called it a “Scunci” (after Ronny’s pet), and it evolved into scrunchie because the fabric scrunches up.

They were every girl’s favorite hair accessories in the ’80s, and ‘90s and lucky us, and the newer generation IT’S BAAAAACK!

My only problem is that every time I find an adorable one, it is expensive. I mean, it is just a piece of fabric and costs $8… too bad!  So I decided to start my own collection using fabrics I already have. That way, I can upcycle the material and use the pattern I like.

You can, too, make some for yourself or give them away as a cute present for your loved ones.

What materials can you use?

what fabric to use for scrunchies

Material choices are endless. Denim is one of my favorites. So let’s say you have old but favorite denim and really can’t throw it away. You can make a lot of scrunchies out of it.

Velvet is an exquisite and soft choice. It can be a beautiful addition to your outfit when going for dinner.

Cotton is the most popular material to make scrunchies and other hair accessories because it is easy to work with, which makes it a perfect material for beginners.

Upcycling T-shirts into scrunchies is a super cool idea to keep your favorite shirt with you a little bit longer. Also, it is an excellent material to make scrunchies without elastic strips.

Later on, you’ll see examples with tutorials on how many different fabrics and patterns you can use to make your scrunchie set.


Easy DIY scrunchie instructions:

diy scrunchie hand sew instructions

  1. To create a long strip, cut the fabric around 22 inches long and 3 ½ wide.
  2. Fold the fabric, but make sure the right side is inside in other words: inside out.
  3. Sew a straight line across the edge. It can be done by hand.
  4. You got the tube done! Turn it inside out.
  5. Attach safety pin at the end of the 9-inch long elastic strip and weave the pin through in the tube.
  6. Remove the pin and tie a knot.
  7. Fold in the edges of the tube. It will create an even seam and tuck one opening over the other.
  8. Sew straight across it.

Extra tip: if you cut a longer piece, you can make a scrunchie with hair tie or scarf too.


DIY scrunchie tutorials you’re gonna love

No matter if you are a beginner or not. It doesn’t matter if you own a sewing machine or not. Making your own scrunchie collection is easy and a quick DIY project.

It is an excellent idea to upcycle and repurpose a couple of old fabrics, shirts, cotton bed sheets from your home. WHY? You save money. The fabric needed for this DIY is so small it doesn’t worth the gas, time, and money you’ll spend to buy a big piece of material.

Plus, you’ll feel happy creating useful hair accessories.


All right. The fun part. Check out these 4 cute scrunchie tutorials!


Playfull Scrunchies with patterns DIY

These are so cute! Using scraps of fabrics with different patterns, you can create a whole collection of fun hairbands for your kids.

diy scrunchie ideas

Get the instructions here:


3 DIY scrunchie ideas

So there is the thing… I’m trying to encourage you to make hair accessories from the fabrics and materials you already have at home.

You can make it with flat elastic or with a hair tie or make a no-sew scrunchie using hot glue.

diy scrunchie with hot glue

So depends on what’s available for FREE, you should check out these 3 tutorials and chose your favorite to make.

Did you make a lot? Share it with your long hair dog. She would like to follow your scrunchie fashion too.


Scrunchie Apple watch band

Another great and stylish DIY idea. It seems very popular, and I can understand why.

If you are like me and have 2-3 scrunchies on your wrist, why not add one more with your apple watch.

Check out this cute and easy video tutorial below to get into the groove.

DIY scrunchie holder ideas

So yeah, it can quickly happen. Now you made 20 scrunchies, and they are laying around the bathroom counter, next to the bed and pretty much everywhere in the house.

If you are looking for some cute scrunchie holders or stands, you can always purchase, but you can also make one. 

Scrunchies holder DIY ideas

My favorite and cheapest hair accessories holder is: hooks on a shower curtain rod.

BUT you can use paper towel holders or make concrete hands too.

If you want to give the scrunchies to someone as a gift, Diana got a cute holder idea for you.

how to make a diy scrunchie holder

She will share a FREE printable with you, too, if you would like to make holders with personalized messages.


Bonus: handmade hairbands and tie tutorials

DIY scrunhies and hairband tutorials

Do you like hair accessories as much as I do? I wear headbands, use decorative pins, and I wanted to share a couple of my favorite tutorials with you.

Now that you mastered the scrunchie DIY, you can jump into these projects:

  1. Cute no sew ear warmers
  2. Headband from T-shirt scraps
  3. Nautical knot headband
  4. Swarovski Crystal Hairpins
  5. No-sew bow headband


DIY scrunchies and headband ideas

There you have it! I hope you found the best tutorial for you.

Making scrunchies is a fun and easy project. With a sewing machine, it can be done in 15 minutes or less.

BUT if you don’t own one, you can make scrunchies and headbands with hot glue and no-sew methods.

You can be creative and mix and match patterns and find different fabric scraps in the house.

I’m sure you’ll get in the groove and make a bunch for you for the kids and as a personalized gift to friends.

Do you need other easy craft ideas?

Check these out:

If you have questions or want to show me your creations, please leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to PIN it for later so you can come back for instructions and tips. 

diy scrunchie without sewing

Do you wanna DIY more?


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