12 essential tips on how to plant herbs indoors

how to grow herbs indoors

Do you want a perfect indoor kitchen herb garden?


If you ever wondered can herbs grow indoors, this post is for you.

I’ve been growing herbs in my kitchen window for years, and I hope with my tips and trick, you’ll be starting a herb garden indoors soon.

Probably today.

With a little care, good soil, and suitable planters, you can have your herb garden close to you in the kitchen, ready to be used for tonight’s dinner.


How to start your own indoor herb garden


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We are lucky. Herbs are very easy to grow indoors in pots.

Before we jump into seedlings and seeds, look around the house and

Choose a sunny spot

Herbs like at least 4 hours of sun a day. BUT in my experience, 6-8 hours is even better.

Enough sunlight is probably the most important thing to grow an indoor herb garden successfully.

indoor herb garden planters

My kitchen window is facing Southwest, which means my herbs get sun the whole afternoon.

As you can see, I don’t have wide enough window sill and decided to put my herbs on an expandable over the sink shelf. 

If you have a house without natural light coming in for hours, you can help your indoor herb garden with some artificial lights.

In my previous apartment, I had two Aerogarden, and I loved them. It is compact and provides lights and nutrition for your plants.


Seeds, seedlings, and kits

It’s essential to start your indoor herb garden with good quality of seeds or plants.

Believe me, I tried to be cheap and bought “whatever” seeds, and I had no success. They didn’t sprout, or even if some of them did, the plants were way too weak, and I never got anything out of them.

The other thing I like to do is to buy seedlings from a local organic store. They carry only good healthy non-manipulated plants.

Starting your indoor herb garden with seedling has a huge advantage. You’ll be able to harvest them much sooner than starting from scratch.

And the third option of a strong garden is the organic indoor herb garden starter kit. They come with different herb seeds, growing pads, plant markers, and decorative pots.



When to plant herbs indoor

how to plant herbs indoors

Many cooks grow herbs indoors during the winter when it’s too cold outside, but you can grow herbs inside any time of year. We live in a tropical climate, so I have herbs in my kitchen windows all year round.

I say go for it whenever you are ready!

Others suggest starting your indoor herb garden a few weeks earlier than the direct sow date stated by the package of the seeds. I never had to try that method, though…


Best pots for indoor herbs


Let’s talk about pots. You must choose the right planters for your indoor herb garden.

I like terracotta containers, but they tend to dry out fast. I can use them because I live in a super humid climate.

Popular and budget-friendly planters are made out of plastic, metal, concrete, decorative ceramic.

Back in Hungary, we used ceramic pots with my mom all the time. It is better for a dry climate.

No matter which container you choose, make sure they have holes on the bottom to help drainage and get some saucer too.

Herbs like water, but they need drainage, so the roots don’t rot and don’t have mildew build up.


DIY herb planters for indoors

ideas for indoor herb garden

source: ottawamommyclub.ca/beginners-guide-mason-jar-gardening/

DIY herb garden mason jars. If you would love to DIY pots for your indoor herb garden, one of the containers you might have at home already is a mason jar.

You can plant herbs in them. Just make sure you put a layer of pebbles in the bottom of the planters to protect the roots.


Upcycled cans for indoor herb garden

indoor herbs garden ideas

source: twokidsandacoupon.com/2020/03/how-to-create-recycled-container-herb-garden-with-your-kids.html

If you are looking for upcycling ideas to create a herb garden, these cans are perfect for you.

EXTRA TIP: Make sure you chose the right size for your herbs. Each herb’s needs are different.
Some of them need a deeper pot for their long roots, and some of them like wide pots to be able to spread.


How to care for herbs

Once you have the perfect spot for your herb garden and you chose or made the ideal planters, you need to select the soil.

Quality nutritious soil is vital for delicate herbs. I mostly buy miracle grow at Home Depot, and it works for me well.

BUT when you design your herb garden, make sure that the potting mix gives good drainage to them. Because YES herbs do need drainage

There are different miracle grow and other potting mixes, so just make sure your chosen one is suitable for indoor gardening.

FUN FACT: There is potting soil, and there is a potting mix. The difference is that the potting mix is lighter and contains those little white stones, aerator. (I always thought they are styrofoam) Fluffy soil and the roots can breathe.


Watering herbs indoors

Yup, I made all the mistakes here. Overwatering and not watering enough.

So here is the best advice I can give you.

No need to water them all the time! Let the top of the soil to dry out a little. Touch the top of the soil, and if it is still damp, you can wait with the water.

By doing this helps the roots to grow deep down where the soil still contains enough water. That will make your indoor herbs happy and strong.

Have you noticed when you water your plants too fast, the saucer fills up quickly?

You want to water the herbs slowly, allowing the soil to soak up the water and keep the moister in.


The ideal temperature

You should aim for 60-70 Fahrenheit. Most of the herbs you use for cooking thrives in this range.


Give 6-8 hours of light.

Sunlight is important for your plants to grow. If you can’t provide at least 4 hours of sunshine for them indoors, there are always other tools and countertop gardening systems.

Even though I mentioned before, the best you can do for your herbs is to plant them in separate pots, Aerogarden has a great self-contained light system and your plants will thrive in it.


Air circulation

can herbs grow indoors

Photo by Singkham


Airflow is important for indoor garden herbs. Outdoors plants receive a nice breeze, but inside you have to provide it for them.

This is one of the reasons why I like my plants in the kitchen window. They get enough sun, and I can open the windows to give them enough air circulation.

You can also help your indoor herbs by not placing them too close to each other. Rearranging them will avoid stagnant air around them too.



My experience on how to plant herbs indoors

There is no better feeling when I need a herb for tonight’s recipe, and it is right next to me in the kitchen window.

My most important growing herbs indoors tips:

  1. Make sure you put the herbs to a place (kitchen window) where you can provide strong light for them throughout the day.
  2. Temperature is important. Most of the herbs like and tolerate well the 60-70 Fahrenheit range.
  3. Watch out for watering. Infrequent is better than suffocating them.
  4. I never had success in planting herbs together in the same pot. One type of herb in each container is your best bet.
  5. Make sure you purchase the best soil for each herb you plan to have in your indoor garden.
  6. Air circulation is essential. I like to live my windows open as much as I can. If it’s good for us, I’m sure it’s good for the plants too.


Finally, don’t forget about love! 🙂 A little love and care help your herbs to grow healthy, and you can enjoy them in your food.


Do you plan to have a garden or backyard?

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Let me know if you have any advice for indoor gardening in the comments below.

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inside herb garden ideas

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  1. Erin

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