Do you want to make a natural beeswax candle?

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Make a beautiful organic beeswax candle in 15 minutes.


Making candles from beeswax is fun, and its soft yellowish glow is very comforting. I like to use them in the house and on the porch when we are watching the sunset.

There are so many homemade candle recipes on  Pinterest, but my favorite always will be the ones that include essential oils.

Scented candles made with beeswax pellets are organic air purifiers. You can mix lavender to calm you down after a stressful day, or citronella to protect you from the bugs when you are outdoors.

I made 2 different types of candles so you can pick your favorite and DIY it in 15 minutes.

Which one you’re gonna chose? Organic beeswax tealights or candles in a mason jar? 😉

DIY candles mason jar

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Materials needed for making candles

  • Beeswax pellets
  • Candle wicks
  • Mason jar, or glass containers. Shot glass for small tealights.
  • Boiling pots
  • Scissors
  • Wooden skewers.
  • Pencil or candlewick center device.
  • Add essential oils and dried flowers to the list as well, but they are optional.

I love the organic beeswax pellets from Beesworks. I use them for many DIY projects, and they were perfect for making natural beeswax furniture polish. 


Where can I buy candle wicks

I buy a lot of my DIY supplies on Amazon. It is fast and delivered to your door. You have many choices when you are looking for candle wicks. My favorite and what I purchased is this candle making kit. It is inexpensive and includes everything you’ll need.

Of course, if you made candles before and you have all the supplies, you can order only the wicks for a fraction of the kit’s price.

Where to buy beeswax in stores

I wish I’d have choices in my area. The advantage of local craft stores that you can see and touch the product before you buy it. If you buy from local crafters, you support their small businesses too.

My favorite department stores for craft supplies are Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. You can buy mason jars, cute candle containers, and kits.

I saw candle making kits in Walmart too.


Making candles from beeswax step by step

beeswax candles make your own

All right! We got to the best part. Let’s make some beautiful candles.

But before we start, remember we might make a little mess.  Beeswax is challenging to remove from surfaces. That is why I ordered my candle kit with a  pitcher that I only use it for wax DIY projects.


Homemade candle recipe

  1. 2 cups beeswax wax
  2. 2 candle wicks
  3. Containers (I used a shot glass for the tealight style and a baby food glass container for the mason jar candle.)
  4. 15 drops of lavender essential oils. (This is optional.)
  5. Dried flowers. (I got a pack of 8 with different flowers in different colors. They are beautiful!)

Melting beeswax for candles

The best way to melt the wax to make candles is on the stovetop. I wouldn’t put it in the microwave!

How to melt candle wax on the stove

In this tutorial, I used the double boiler method. I used a wax pouring pitcher in a saucepan because I wanted to dedicate one pitcher for the candles.

Remember, after melting beeswax in a pot, you won’t be able to use it for anything else but wax DIY projects like lip balm, wax food wraps, beeswax wood polish, etc. 

How to melt beeswax without a double boiler

You can use a crock-pot water bath. Or for the ultimate sustainable idea, make a solar oven. I like both approaches, and the solar oven is a must-try. Check out the tutorials here.

If you like to see my quick candle making video before reading the instructions here it is.

Boil the water in the saucepan. Once it’s boiling, you can place the pitcher with the beeswax in it. When you boil the water, don’t pour too much in the pan. It might splash into your wax mix.

I had to turn down the fire once the water was boiling, cause it was bubbling too much and moved my wax pitcher around. It looked a little dangerous.

Stir the beeswax until it completely melts.

Attach the wicks. Once the wax starts to melt, you can dip the cord in the melted wax and put it in the glass. Wait until the wax gets dry and sticks.

Secure the wicks with a pen. Wrap the wick around the pen and place the pen on the container. If you use a candlewick center device. (it came with your kit) you pull the wick through the middle of the device and sit the centerpiece on the jar.

Take of the melted beeswax from the stove. If you want to add fragrance oil, you need to cool the wax a little bit. Add 10-15 drops of your favorite fragrance. If you are adding fragrance, remove the wax from the heat and gently mix in the fragrance. I talk more about this step in detail in my soy wax candle article. 

Pour the melted wax into the containers and add dried flowers.

Place the candles to a secured place and let it cool overnight.

Trim the wick to about 1/2 inch. You need that length so your candle won’t tunnel.


Tips for candle making

Beeswax is flammable. You want to keep an eye on it while you are making them and when you are burning them, especially indoors.

To avoid cracking (when it is cooling down), you can wrap the container in a cloth or place it in warm water. By doing this, you will slow down the cooling process and balancing out the temperature difference.

Beeswax burns hot and sometimes unevenly. So you might want to add coconut oil to beeswax candles to make sure they burn evenly.  You can check out this beeswax and coconut oil candle recipe. I already ordered some coconut oil for myself and will try her method.

Dried flowers might get burnt while using the candle. So keep on eye on it.


Natural beeswax candle DIY Recap

making beeswax container candles

Making candles from beeswax is super easy.

It can be as cheap or expensive as you want. I wouldn’t spend money on containers. Use what you can find at home—Mason jars, jam jars, baby food containers, shot glasses, etc.

You can use blends with coconut oil and essential oils, or simply use beeswax pellets and enjoy the warm golden tone of the candle when burning.

Beeswax organic candles are a lovely addition to your home decor, and they are a healthier, sustainable option. Most candles you can buy in stores are made of paraffin wax. Believed that paraffin is highly toxic benzene and toluene when burned. So you don’t want that in your living room.

I hope you watched my short candle making video and got inspired to make your beautiful natural candles.


Do you want more natural product DIY ideas?


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how to make beeswax candles from scratch

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