29 Cutest planter ideas for succulents

succulent plant designs

29 Must look at DIY succulent container ideas


Girls and boys I’m sooo happy! I have some mini planters and succulents in my craft room waiting for me to finally create my next home decor. UPDATE! I finally painted my miniature terracotta plants. Check them out!

So, I asked my friends to show me their favorite potted succulents DIYs.

OMG, look at all of these amazing ideas. Weren’t they busy?

how to pot succulents outdoors

Succulents, cacti, and air plants are so popular all year round since they need almost no attention. This fits me as well because I often forget to take care of my plants.

But it seems I always managed to keep my cacti and succulents alive. I have some of them in my garden and some indoors. The only thing is missing to make some cute things to plant them in.

Let’s jump into it and see these 23 coolest pot ideas for succulent plants. 


Succulent concrete container idea

succulent container ideas

There are so many DIY projects with concrete and these cute mini planters are one of my favorite.

No worries if you don’t have the mold to pour the concrete in you can use any kind of box.

Crystal from https://reusegrowenjoy.com has a detailed tutorial on how to make these pots.


Succulent in spray-painted pots

ideas with succulents

Ann sent me her favorite idea. Copper painted pot with a white geometric design. I think it is so simple and clean design.

If you are thinking of creating a shelf with more then one planter, you can make painted terracotta pots with different colors and geometric designs following Ann’s tutorial.


Succulent arrangements in a glass container

glass bowl mason jar garden

Do you like pineapple? I saw so many cute designs with this sweet fruit, but I never thought of a mason jar with succulent plant. It really looks like a pineapple.

Jane and Sonja from sustainmycrafthabit.com used craft paint to create this cute distressed look on the glass jar and filled it with rocks, potting soil, and succulent.

You’ll have a perfect pineapple look as the plant grows larger and larger.


Glass candle-holders for succulents

how to plant succulents in glass containers

How many small candle holders you throw away per year?

Diane from https://www.suburbia-unwrapped.com upcycled those small glass containers. So, next time your candle is gone keep the jars and make a small pot for your succulents.


Potted felt succulent project idea

felt succulent design ideas

Here is the thing. If you still feel like you’ll kill a poor succulent or cactus, Jane and Sonja have the perfect DIY project for you.

They created these mini plants from colorful felts and “planted” them in mini terracotta pots.

If you jump over to their tutorial, you can score the 5 printable patterns too.  I think this is a beautiful and adorable home decor and totally care-free.


Succulent upcycled container garden ideas

diy succulent decor

Holly from pinkfortitude.com has this super creative succulent planting idea.

She re-purposed her vegan food containers and decorated them with twine. Applied the mod podge first and followed it with the cord. The twine gives a lovely natural look to a plastic container.

Holly’s DIY succulent decor is close to my heart since I love to upcycle and re-purpose as much as I can for my home decor. It’s free and pretty.


Creative succulent upcycled planters

succulent arrangement ideas

If you ask yourself, “what should I plant succulents in?” Holly has another upcycling DIY project for you.

This time she collected some vintage tins and repurposed them to create a mini cactus garden.

You don’t need a lot of instructions to make these, just pour some rocks and potting soil in the tins, and that’s it.


Mini succulent garden in a box.

ideas for succulent plants

Have you ever wonder what you can do with your jewelry box? You can upcycle them to DIY a mini pot for succulents and cacti.

I love to repurpose stuff, but I would never think I can arrange miniature succulents in a small box. What a great and unique idea!

Francine in her tutorial will walk you through the project, and she gives you tips on how to protect the box from water damage too.


Wooden box turned into a copper planter

succulent planting pots


I love Christine’s idea to upcycle a toy box and create a shabby chic “copper” planter.  She used metallic copper and blue patina paint to create the metallic look.


Succulent garden in a shamrock wooden box

succulents in planters

Another very cute wooden succulent planter.

If you feel you got more DIYing in you, create a shamrock design like Amber from https://amber-oliver.com did.

It is easy to work with wood and cut design in it with a Dremel tool.


DIY hanging succulent planter

hanging succulent ideas

This time Francine created a hanging plant holder from straws and spray-painted them. I love her idea for a couple of reasons.

  • Reusing plastic straws hopefully will save few animals. I’m very aware of not using plastic and have my metal straw with me all the time.
  • Super cheap DIY project.
  • Adorable idea to have a mini succulent or cacti indoor or on your porch.


Hanging on the wall succulents DIY

diy succulent arrangement

I have no words about how creative Shellie’s idea from Craftbits.com is. If you like industrial, modern home decor, you’ll love to create this PVC pipe wall planter.

If you follow Shellie’s tutorial, you’ll have a cool new way to incorporate unique succulent arrangements into your home decor and wow all the visitors.


Hanging succulent terrarium

design with succulents

Toni from https://www.girljustdiy.com made this glass terrarium.

It is so cute and it is perfect to hang them close to the window so, your plants can get sun and keep the moisture in the glass planter.


The Cutest Small succulent garden

succulent garden designs

You can DIY a cute monogram succulent planter from repurposed old wood.  If you read my other posts, you know, we love to upcycle old wood furniture or pallets.

This monogram planter from theflyingcouponer.com can be as big or small as you like, and you can use it as a raised bed cacti garden or a vertical succulent plant holder.


Vertical Succulent garden in a shadow box

how to make succulent arrangements

How about a wooden box and chicken wire to create a shadow box for your plants?

Amber can walk you through the project and you’ll have a beautiful wall planter in no time.


Indoor succulent planter idea

succulent garden ideas indoor

Nowadays, it is hard to find a person who still read real books.

BUT if you have friends or a family member who likes books, you can surprise them with a super creative succulents planter for their desk or coffee table.

I would feel sorry to sacrifice one of my books, but I would make a succulent planter from an old thrift store find in a heartbeat.

BTW this unique idea is not mine. Allison from dreamalittlebigger.com was very nice and shared it with me.


Mini teacup succulent planters

mini pot for succulent

Oh, I love these romantic teacup planters.

I don’t collect any porcelain. But if your grandma or other relative gave you a teacup set and you don’t use it you can keep her memory by upcycling them into succulent pots.

Pam from https://www.housewivesoffrederickcounty.com shared this cute idea.


Paint and decorate succulent pots

tiny succulents in pots

I love love, love painted pots. I think it is a super easy and fast DIY project.

Every time I want to add colors to my home decor, I look at my plain terracotta pots and paint them.

Not long ago, I painted a set of 4 mini pots for my cacti, and Allison shared her colorful succulent planting pots DIY so you can get inspired and make some colorful boho planters.


Make a mini truck pot for succulent

succulent garden ideas outdoor

Michelle’s succulent decorating idea is sooo cute.

As you can see, we like to upcycle everything. I find this little truck planter the cutest addition to a farmhouse home decor.

If you mix it with larger pots, they will look good outdoors as well.


Succulent arrangements in glass containers

succulent plant decor ideas

Next time when you are done with one of the jams, mustard, or mayonnaise glass jar, don’t throw it away. You can collect 3 or 4 and display your succulent plants in them.

Michelle from ourcraftymom.com has a step by step tutorial on how to paint glass jars and use them as a succulent planter. You can even make it festive with glitters.


Succulents garden DIY from embroidery hoops

design with succulents

I love all DIY projects made from embroidery hoops. They are so creative, natural and have the farmhouse charm.

Lydi from lydioutloud.com created an amazing terrarium globe for her succulent garden, all from natural materials.

I can imagine this as a hanging planter or as centerpiece decoration for a beautiful dining table.


Dining table decoration with succulent plants

how to decorate succulent plants

Since we are at the dining table decor, I thought I show you another idea that you can match with the embroidery globe centerpiece.

I never thought about making napkin rings using succulent plants or any plants for that matter. Now, you don’t have to use real ones you can find very cool faux plants at the dollar store or on Amazon for a couple of dollars.

Anyway, Amy from attagirlsays.com will help you to wow all your guests with this succulent table decoration.


Spray Painted Ombre Succulent Planters

succulent garden arrangements

Do you want to create an ultimate boho succulent garden?

Collect pots in all shapes and sizes, and spray paint in every color you can imagine. If you want to add a little ombre into your design check out how Ariel from pmqfortwo.com did it.

When all the pots are dry, arrange them as you like and voila! Your boho succulent garden is done!


Small, modern succulent gardens

succulent planter arrangements

You can create these modern-looking glass air plant pots from plastic sheets.

Yes, you read it right; they are not glass planters. I like it because I’m 100 % sure I would break those delicate small glass planters you can buy on Amazon.

Luckily, Katie from housefulofhandmade.com sent me her idea, and I can’t wait until I make a small succulent garden following her tutorial.


Cute faux succulent plants DIY

do it yourself succulent planter


Have you ever thought about upcycling pistachio shells? Well, Maggy from redtedart.com might inspire you with her cute tutorial.

Next time when you are finished with the munchies, don’t throw away the pistachio shells and DIY a faux succulent plant.

It is an easy and adorable DIY project you can make with your kids too.


Playfull painted pots with succulents

small succulent planter DIY

Ooooh, Maggy did it again.

If I had kids, this cute succulent chick face pot would be a must DIY project with them.

They can be a cute Easter home decor or addition to any kids’ room’s decor.


Unicorn pots with succulents

potting bowls

Hopefully, your kids like DIY projects as much as you do.

These unicorn painted pots are so cute and perfect with faux succulents. If you guys make a lot of them, the kids can arrange their little succulent garden on their desks.


Mini terracotta succulent planters kids DIY

If you are looking for DIY crafts you can make with your kids, don’t forget to check out mamasmiles.com.


Succulent mini rock garden design

succulent gardening ideas

I wanted to show you my oldest creation. The mini rock garden with cactus and succulent.

I had those little cute wood animals and flowers, and I didn’t want to throw them away. So I decided to incorporate them into this little fairy garden wannabe. 🙂


Rock garden with succulents and driftwood

large succulent planter ideas

We travel a lot and I wanted to have a front yard with plants they can survive even if we don’t water them every day.

So after Hurricane Maria, we redesigned our front yard and used driftwood as a succulent and orchid planter.


Cutest planter ideas for succulents

I hope you got some inspiration, and off you go to DIY one of your favorites from this extensive list.

No matter how small or big planter you want to use, the ideas shown above can be altered, and you can create your unique outdoor succulent garden or indoor cacti decoration.

If you like gardening or looking for more outdoor decoration ideas, check out my related posts:

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If you are a succulent lover, leave a comment with your questions or DIY tips on how you made a cute succulent planter.

Don’t forget to pin it if you want to get back for inspiration. 😉 

arrangements with succulents


Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Emily

    These are all so cute! I love succulents because they’re the one plant I can’t kill 🙂 we had them at our wedding and I’d buy 100 of them if I could. Just so uplifting and fun.

    • Andrea

      I agree 100%. If I would have space I would buy 100 of them too.

  2. Jane

    So cute! I wish I had a green thumb. I would likely still find a way to kill these but I want all of them.

    • Andrea

      Jane, I just bought a pack of faux succulents and let me tell you they are much better than I thought. I was surprised by how real they look. I can’t wait until I make a cool succulent garden with them.

  3. Jill Young

    I think succulents do need to be well displayed and you have shown some great ideas here.

    • Andrea

      I agree, Jill. Succulents are cute and with a unique handmade planter, they become the perfect home decor.


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