Fluffy pom pom rug DIY with the best yarn

pom pom rug DIY tutorial

Easy yarn pom pom rug you want to make


Today I’m gonna show you my new pom pom rug. It is a geometric design, and if you like a little boho style in your home decor, you can follow my rug design pattern. I used a mesh mat and the best yarn for fluffy pom poms.

Even if you are not that crafty, you will be able to make this cute yarn rug.

The step-by-step tutorial is easy to follow, and you’ll be making a beautiful area rug in no time.

Making pom poms is addictive. 😉 I hope you’ll find inspiration in this post, and you’ll make at least one fluffy pom pom rug for your bathroom, living room, or bedroom. Let’s get to it!


Supplies for pom pom rug DIY project:

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DIY pom pom rug

  1. Yarn
  2. Mash mat
  3. Scissors
  4. Hairpin


What is the best yarn for the pom pom rug?

It depends on how textured and fluffy you want your yarn rug.

Let’s see a couple of options:

Medium weight yarn. I used it to tie my pom poms together and to secure them to the mash mat.

They also work well for a regular textured bath rug or small area rugs. If you like knitting and crocheting blankets, you might have some at home already.

Bulky or chunky yarns. These are my all-time favorites. They are super fluffy, and you can use them to make hand-knitted blankets, yarn rugs, knitted pillowcases.

I chose these Bernat blanket chenille yarn for my project. They are not too thick, but super soft, and you can create a beautiful fluffy pom pom.

Extra tip: If you decide to buy bulky or chunky yarn for this DIY, don’t buy wool or merino. They won’t work well to make pom poms.

Which mesh mat is the best for rug making


Non-Slip Area Rug Pad. I chose 5′ by 8′ pad in Walmart, but again you can order these pads from Amazon too.

You need these pads with holes because that’s where you are gonna tie each pom pom.

Extra tip: the mash mat I found in Walmart had small holes, and it was a little challenging to pull the pom-pom’s tie through them. So I suggest you find a bath mat or mash mat something like this:

How much does it cost?


My rug size is 4′ by 8′. You might want to have something smaller for your bathroom or next to your bed. So based on my rug’s size here is the full cost:

1. Bernat yarn. Back then, when I purchased my chenille blanket yarn, a pack of six rolls was $28.95 on Amazon, and I needed 14 rolls.  Prices are changing all the time, so check and make sure it fits your budget.

Talking about saving money, eeh? Well, that didn’t go well for me, but I loved loved loved the Bernat yarn for its softness and chunkiness and couldn’t imagine buying a different one. However, there are so many ideas on Pinterest with medium weight yarns, and they are as beautiful as my pom pom rug.

If you have yarn left from old projects, make a colorful bathroom rug from them for FREE!

2. Medium weight yarn. 1 big roll for $3.

3. Non-slip area rug pad. 1 pad of 5′ by 8′ for $15.

All my cost was around $100. I know I know it is not the cheapest DIY, but remember I chose an expensive yarn and a big size rug. You can make your pom pom rug for a fraction of my cost.


Draw your pom pom rug design


The designing phase was probably the most enjoyable part for me. I wanted to have a simple boho decoration and toyed around with different ideas. At the end decided with a boho geometric look.

pom pom rug design

It reminds me a little to the native Indian motive you can see on blankets, towels, and other boho home decor items.

Other pom pom rug design ideas

  1. Make flowers from different color yarns.
  2. Make a heart on the middle of the yarn rug
  3. Create different colors of lines.
  4. Mix and match pastel colors with blue to create a coastal decor rug.


Make as many pom poms as possible

pom pom rug DIY

Making pom poms are easy. Bunch of ideas are floating around the net using toilet paper rolls, or pom pom maker, but I used my fingers.

It is the cheapest method.

Hold the end of the yarn between your fingers. Put 4 fingers together and wrap the yarn around 12 times. For me, 12 times was enough. If you want bulkier, you can wrap more. Try not to wrap too tight. Remember, you don’t want to hurt yourself, and you will need to take the yarn off your fingers.

When you’ve wrapped them enough, cut the yarn, and now you are ready to slip the yarn off your fingers carefully. Try not to handle too much so the bundle can stay together.

Now you will need to tie the bundle together. This is when the cheaper yarn will come in handy. I cut a lot of 5-inch pieces beforehand, so I don’t have to do it one by one.

Take a piece of the cheaper yarn and wrap it around your bundle. Tie it into a knot. Sometimes the knot stretches, and you will need to wrap it around the pom pom at least two times. If required, make another knot.

Once it is tied up tight, cut open all the loops. VOILA, you made your first pom pom!

MY TIP: Oh, boy making one pom pom then tie it to the pad then make another pom pom and tie it to the pad…you get the picture. Well, it got old for me super fast.

how to make a pom pom area rug

I had no fun anymore. I started thinking it will take ages to finish my sorry little project. So I changed my strategy and dedicated a couple of nights to make pom poms. I even asked my husband to help me. When I had a full basket, I started to secure the pom poms to the rug pad.


How to tie the pom poms to the rug pad

pom pom rug design

I used a hairpin to pull the yarn (which ties the pom pom together) through one of the holes on the mat. One thread goes through one hole, the other in the next hole. When both ends of the yarn are on the other side tie the pom pom to the pad.

I made 2 knots to be sure it is secured. Remember, these yarns like to stretch, so make sure it is tight enough.

MY TIP: If you have a design, start filling the part where your design is, and you fill the rest later.

pom pom rug design


Finishing touches

Keep going; just keep going. You are almost there!

pom pom rug DIY tutorial

If you followed my tip above and you made most of your pom poms at the beginning, it should be super fast. You have nothing else left just to tie each pom pom to the pad.

I filled my design with the beige pom poms first, and after that, I just secured the colorful ones row by row. To make it cute and fluffy, I tied each pom pom 2 inch apart. But it is your choice. You can separate the pom poms a little more if you like.

Let’s see, the design took me 1 hour, just because I was playing around until I finally was able to settle on the plan.

pom pom rug DIY

Making pom poms took me 3 nights. (Each night 2-3 hours)

Secure the pom poms to the rug pad took me 3 days. (Each day 2-3 hours)


Final thoughts on fluffy pom pom rug DIY

  1. Chose the right mash mat. With bigger holes, you’ll have an easy job to tie the pom poms to the mash mat.
  2. Use blanket chenille yarn if you want you yarn rug super fluffy. If you have dogs, you probably wish to choose a little darker color yarn.
  3. Design and draw your design on the mat before you start. Following that design makes your life easy, and you’ll finish the pom pom rug faster.

I love my yarn rug! It is fluffy and cozy, and the perfect addition to my boho bean bag in my reading corner. I hope you got inspired, and off you go to DIY your own unique pom pom rug.

If you like DIY videos as much as I do you want to check out this pom pom rug video.


Do you want other cozy DIY ideas?


Don’t forget to save and share this post so you can make your pretty pom pom rug soon.

DIY pom pom rug. This yarn pom pom rug project is super easy and fun to make. Step by step DIY tutorial.

pom pom rug diy tutorial

Pom pom rug DIY tutorial

Please let me know in the comments what kind of yarn DIYs you have done. 😉

Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Robert

    My wife has been looking for this exact tutorial. She will be pumped when I show her.

    • Andrea

      That’s good to hear Robert. I can’t wait to see what a cozy pom pom rug she will design and make. 😉

  2. julie Christy

    What an awesome rug and I bet it is super comfy under the feet. I may have to try this! Thanks for sharing!

    • Andrea

      It is a very nice felling. I like to read on it. The dogs like to sleep on it.

  3. Elzette

    Gorgeous. I’m definitely going to try this!

  4. tamara

    I had no idea these were so simple to make, I will have to give it a try.

  5. Amanda

    For this design, how much yarn did you need for the white, and how much for the other color?

    • Andrea

      Hi Amanda, so my rug size is 4′ by 8′. For that size, I needed 1 big roll of the medium-weight off-white yarn and I used 14 Bernat chenille rolls.
      I hope this info helps and your pom-pom rug will be fluffy and beautiful. Happy DIY-ing!

  6. B-rit

    How do you wash these rugs? Do they come apart if you wash it in the machine?

    • Andrea

      B-rit, you can wash them in the washing machine. BUT I would put a pom-pom or yarn rug in a pillowcase. That way they are protected and you can wash them on a delicate circle.



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