Easiest Rose gold mini planters DIY

metallic rose gold mini planters

How to paint mini terracotta pots with rose gold


Terracotta pots are inexpensive, and most likely, you have a couple of them at home already.

They can be boring, and I often find myself dressing them up with paint and different designs. It is an easy and cheap way to give a new look to your planters and dress up your interior decoration or garden.

Today I show you the easiest and quickest way to dress up a set of mini terracotta pots.

Rose gold or mini copper planters are beautiful modern decoration pieces.

Great for displaying flowers and succulents. Pairing Rose gold with plants and other greens adds dramatic contrast in any room or event. You can show them on a coffee table, countertop, or use them as a hanging planter.


All right, let’s jump into the tutorial. 


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Supplies you’re gonna need for this project.

what you need to paint terracotta pots

  1. Mini terracotta planters. I got a set of 9 and used 3 for this cute project.
  2. Painting brush. I used a medium flat one from my brush set.
  3. Decoart Rose gold paint.
  4. Succulents. I decided to go with faux, and I’m glad I did. They look real, and I don’t have to worry about them at all.
  5. Cloth for cleaning the planters.


Step 1. Prepare your pots

how to paint mini planters

You want to clean your mini pots before painting. You can use a scrub brush to get all the dust off.

Follow with a damp cloth. Wipe off all dirt and wait until the planters dry completely.


Step 2. Thin your paint.


This step is optional. If your choice of paint is a little thick, you can add a small amount of water.

You can mix the water and the paint in a little container. Don’t add water to the original paint holder. You won’t use the whole bottle of paint for this mini-project.

The Rose gold paint I used didn’t need thinning.


Step 3. Apply the first coat of paint.

painting with rose gold on planters

Use the choice of your brush with even brush strokes from the bottom to the top of the pot.


Step 4. Let it dry

You need at least 20 minutes to dry the first coat of paint. It depends on the type of paint you got.

Make sure the coat is completely dry before you apply the second one. Wet paint will stick to your brush and can ruin your project.


Step 5. Paint the second coat.

dry paint on terracotta pots

You can add as many layers as needed. I stopped after 2 coats and my planters turned out perfect.


Step 6. Let the pots dry

Once you’re finished with the painting and happy with the result, let the mini planters dry for a couple of hours.

Leaving them alone overnight is even better.


Step 7. Seal the terracotta pot.

This step is optional.

If you use your rose gold pots outdoors, you definitely want to protect them.

The sealing spray will provide a clear coat on the planters, and they will stand rain and bad weather for a long time.


Step 8. Add decoration or plants

mini planters painted with rose gold DIY

Next morning you can add soil and succulents or other plants.

I decided to keep it simple and used faux succulents. They are inexpensive and don’t need any sunlight or attention.


That’s it! Quick and easy home decor or gift.


I hope you got inspired, and off you go to make your unique modern pots this weekend.


Painting Rose gold mini planters is a fun project.


This metallic shade gives a fresh modern look to any room in your house.

You can use them as a succulent planter on countertops and tables. You can display them in macrame plant hangers.

They make a great gift or wedding decoration too.


Here are some other cute painted pot ideas:

  1. Boho terracotta pots with chalk paint
  2. Plastic pot with mud cloth design
  3. Mini terracotta Easter eggs
  4. Colorful spray painted planters.



easy terracotta mini pots DIY

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