The A – Z Of What Is Diamond Painting.

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Do you want to know all about diamond painting?


Are you ready to discover the new craft addiction? Let’s reveal why everybody is talking about it lately.

Diamond painting is an easy DIY that kids and adults can make and enjoy. I looked up the term on Wikipedia and couldn’t find it. BUT paint-by-numbers came up since it is a very similar concept.

Sometimes people see the term “diamond painting cross stitch.” It is the same craft, but since it looks like a cross-stitch embroidery, people associate diamond painting with it.


So how does Diamond Painting work?

diamond painting kits for adults

Instead of using paint as you do in paint-by-number, your kit will include tiny rhinestones, crystals, or diamond-like facets. Then you are applying the diamonds to the canvas following the patterns and the numbers while creating a sparkling decoration.

If I convinced you and you are ready, decorating with shiny diamonds check back in a week for my step-by-step tutorial. 


When was diamond painting invented?

It has been said that the original patent was invented in 2010.

Decorating with diamonds is not a new craft, but a long time ago, they used to put them on a velvet material. Nowadays, the new diamond painting is on canvas. It is sticky, and the beads are more secured with this new method.  

Who invented it?

The China-based company, named Guangdong Dazu Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd


Is it for beginners too?

Definitely. If you are a beginner, you might want to start with a partial diamond drill (which I explain a little more below), or you can start with a smaller size project.


What size to choose from?

OMG! just go on Amazon for a second, and you will be bombarded with sooo many different sizes to choose from. Plus, most of them are in centimeters. (I have no problem with that since for the love of me I can’t get used to the inches), but here is a quick suggestion:

  1. Beginner: Try to choose a diamond painting project in the 30cm x 30cm or smaller range.
  2. Intermediate: If you have done a couple and now you are confident, you can try to purchase up to 60cm x 60cm diamond paintings kits.
  3. Expert: It has been said (and I hope I get there soon) that an expert diamond painting crafters enjoy larger than 60cm x 60cm canvas.

You know, since it can be a family and friend DIY project, it is fun to get a larger diamond painting and work on it together. You can involve your kids and collaborate on making new wall art.

To convert cm to inches:

Multiply your centimeters value by 0.39370.

Here is a quick guide with the most common sizes in inches and centimeters:

One last thing to consider when you are buying your diamond painting kits.

The smaller the canvas, the less detailed the finished art will be. Think about what type of image you want to see on your wall, and if it is super detailed, you might want to purchase a larger size to make sure the image will be perfect.


Diamond painting round or square beads

A square drill diamond painting is more tightly packed; in other words, it won’t have a little gap in between them as round beads do. As a result, the final diamond painting gives you the impression of more clarity than the round sister.

The square beads are of size 2.5mm, and the round beads are of size 2.8mm. The round beads are shinier than square ones. Don’t ask me why.

compare round and square diamond painting drill

Keep it in mind when you buy a kit that round beads won’t cover areas around the gem.

I mean the end of the day it didn’t bother me since the diamonds are so small I can’t even notice the difference.

When I hang the pictures, they look the same. If I really want to tell the difference, I have to get super close to the diamond painting.

BUT we are not inspectors, we are crafters, and shiny, sparkly handmade decoration makes us happy.


How many drill colors are there?

There are 447 colors of DMC Resin Diamonds.

Interestingly, DMC is a brand that sells embroidery floss. Different numbers identify different colors, and most diamond painting products use these same numbers to identify their diamonds. I guess you can say diamond painting colors are universal.

how many diamond painting colors are there

I know I have to put these diamonds on the canvas following the #15


DMC refers to the number that corresponds to a particular diamond color. When you get your kit, you’ll see the numbers on the canvas and the same numbers on the bag of the diamonds.


What is the difference between 3d and 5d kits?

I had no idea when I started researching what my first project will be.

The official answer to it is this: with 3d diamond paintings, you’ss use drills that have 9 total facets (3 on each side). On the other hand, 5d diamond painting is made with beads that have 5 facets on each side (total of 15).

So, apparently, 5D diamonds have more facets than 3D, I can’t confirm or deny this information, because I haven’t seen the difference yet.

Some articles say it is just one of those marketing terms sellers like to use to boost their sales. Others say there is a visible difference in the look when you finish your design.


What is a full and partial drill diamond painting?

What is a full drill diamond painting

Example of partial diamond painting

So this answer is easy. There are 2 types of projects you can try.


Partial drill: The kit will have all the tools and accessories you need, but beads cover only parts of the design. A partial diamond painting kit might be the right choice if you are a complete beginner and want to get your feet wet in this exciting craft.

Full drill: Unlike partial drill in full drill paintings, you will cover the whole canvas with diamonds. It gives you the impression you are working on a diamond mosaic project.

What can you make with this technic?

I got my sign diamond painting wall art as my first project. But can’t help it and wonder as I get more experienced in this DIY what else I’ll create in the future…

  1. larger wall arts
  2. Christmas and holiday cards
  3. Pillow covers
  4. Home decor accessories displayed on counters and coffee tables


Diamond Painting benefits

  • Spend time with family and friends. It is perfect for crafting together on a diamond painting project with your kids.
  • Relaxation and peacefulness. By focusing on gluing the beads while following the numbers keeps your focus and takes off your mind about any stress, you might have.
  • Improve your mood and health. 
  • Feeling happy. When you finish your craftwork, you will feel satisfied and proud. Now you can hang it on the wall as your new artwork. 


The Best Online Companies

Experienced diamond painting crafters have recommended these companies, and we must check them out. They love them because of the quality of the drills and the vast selection of canvas designs these companies offer.

Diamond painting kits in stores

My best options when I’m shopping for diamond paintings are:

I want to add though these stores have many more options online than in stores.


Diamond Painting is new for me too, and I love it!

I hope you got inspired and will try this new addictive craft.

Encourage your kids and friends to work on a new shiny art with you. It is good for the soul and creates a stronger bond.

When you are shopping for a new kit, remember to choose the size, beads, and difficulty of the design based on how experienced you’re.

Most importantly, have fun in the process and create a new diamond painting for your home.


Are you looking for other crafts tutorials? Check out these:


Don’t forget to comment with your questions and PIN it for later. Happy DIY-ing!

how does diamond painting work

Do you wanna DIY more?


  1. Marykitty Johnson

    I just completed first diamond painting. I found it to be quite peaceful to do. I think i am hooked now.

  2. Hilda Robinson

    I am very much hooked .Best thing l have ever crafted. Just love it!!!

  3. Stephanie

    I have done several diamond paintings and enjoy it very much, I prefer the round diamonds more than the square, The square takes a bit longer and you have to place them more carefully. It is still enjoyable. My eyes don’t allow me to do intricate needle work anymore and this is a hobby I can enjoy doing.


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