Unique gifts for crafty moms that they want and love

gift for crafty mom

20+ thoughtful gift ideas for crafty mom


So you know that your mom is crafty, loves handmade gifts, and love to create beautiful things.

BUT when an important occasion like her birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s day comes up, you are scratching your head what you should get for her.

I’m a crafter, so anything that can be used to create something pretty is always welcomed and appreciated. I’m sure your mom will be super happy with any of these gifts for crafty moms and won’t mind that she didn’t get the usual chocolate or flowers.

I say, let’s jump into this extensive list of gift ideas for your lovely mom and enjoy her smile when she opens the presents.


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Best gifts for crafty moms on a budget


Let’s start with some wallet-friendly ideas.

I know that all of us have a different budget when we shop for gifts, and I wanted to show you some of my favorite, useful crafty supplies.

All of them make me happy, and I hope your mom will thank you for them too.


1. Gift a Craft book with cool projects

craft book gift for moms

A massive collection of different crafts in a book is an excellent and inexpensive gift for crafty moms.

Moms, in general, love to make gifts and always open for new ideas. They love to learn a new hobby, and craft books can feed their creative mind for a long time.

  • Martha Stewart’s book. Crafters of all skill and experience levels will find useful tips and tricks of different craft projects in this book.


  • Does your mom like thrifting and repurposing old stuff? This Wise Craft book shows many different ways to upcycle and renew old objects.


  • Are you looking for easy to follow recipes and craft projects? This lovely book will be a perfect gift for your crafty mom.


2. Personalized Premium Leather Sketchbook

There is nothing more beautiful and thoughtful than a personalized gift. Crafty moms like to write down their projects, craft plans, designs, and recipes.

Why not surprise them with a sketchbook where all craft projects can come to life? You can get this leather journal with engraved initials, names, or dates.


3. Subscribe your mom for a Craft Magazine

Before this online life, I use to wait for the postman every month for my new craft magazine.

Time has changed, and now you can surprise your crafty mom with a year subscription on kindle. BUT if she prefers hard copy, that option is still available.

There are many craft magazines you can choose from. -beading, quilting, knitting, pottery, sewing, and woodworking projects. Just to give you a few ideas.


Art supply gifts for crafty moms

Does your mom like to paint? If the answer is yes, you want to browse these great gift ideas.

Some small items can be paired, and you can make a cute gift basket with art supply goodies.

4. Get a cute mini canvas set

art supply ideas for crafty moms

Let’s start with the basics. She will need a canvas to paint on.

There are so many different sizes you can choose from; it really depends on how advanced a painter she is.

Is she ready for a big art project? Then you can surprise her with a bigger size canvas set.

Even though my grandpa was a great artist and my mom can paint beautiful things, I’m just not that great. Arteza mini canvas set is perfect for beginners.

They are super cute and perfect for painting simple things like cacti on each. Once the art is done, your mom can create a gallery wall.


5. Add brushes to the gift basket

art brushes for crafty mom

You don’t want your mom to stare an empty canvas without a painters brush. So adding them to a birthday gift basket is a great idea.


8. Get a set of acrylic paint for your crafty mom

acrylic paint gift for moms

To complete the artistic gift basket, choose a nice acrylic paint set with every color of the rainbow. Now she is ready to paint! 😉


7. Amazing brush pen bundle set

This is my new favorite. I tried the brush pens, and I think they are easy to work with. They are water-based, highly-pigmented, easy to blend. They can be used for sketching, calligraphy, watercolor painting, and drawing.

This brush pen artist bundle has everything a crafty mom will need to create beautiful paintings, and my personal experience is that they are easier to work with.

You’ll receive:

  1.  96 Real Brush Pens.
  2. 6 long-lasting Water Brush Pens for blending.
  3. 2-pack of 9”x12” watercolor paper pads.


Needle & yarn craft gifts for crafty moms

knitting gift ideas for crafty moms

Ooh, all of those little and beautiful projects your mom loves to make with yarn and needles. Does she prefers knitting, crocheting, punch needle art?

You’ll find useful and fun craft supplies in this section that would make her happy.


8. Crochet craft supply gift ideas


  • Crocheting is very popular again, and no matter how old mom is, if she likes to make blankets, scarfs, little toys for the grandkids, she will appreciate a good crochet hook set. 


  • She will also need good quality yarn. I love love love Bernat yarn.  They come in different weights, colors, and materials. If you want to give her a hint to make you a new blanket, choose your favorite color.


  • Gift a downloadable crochet pattern. She can follow the patterns and instructions to make a sweater, blanket, hair tie, dishcloth, toy stuffed animals, Christmas balls, and so many more.


9. Knitting gifts for crafty moms

crafty gift ideas for mom

Suppose I have to choose between crochet or knitting projects, I chose the latter. It is easier to learn, and I think it is faster too.

Plus, there is arm-knitting. You don’t have to use needles only supply you need a

soft chunky yarn to make a blanket. 


  • Surprise mom with a Bamboo knitting needle set. She will be able to choose the right needles to work with, depending on her next craft project.


  • Chunky yarn for arm knitting. I love merino wool and chenille yarns. They are so soft and perfect for making a cozy blanket or scarf. (Quick note: when you buy them, make sure you read how many rolls you will need to finish a project. They always give you useful guidelines.)



Sewing gift ideas for the crafty mom

sewing gift ideas for moms

A lot of moms like sewing projects. It’s because there are so many pretty things to make.

Mom can sew things for home decor, like pillowcases, bean bags, curtains. Or refresh the closet by sewing a new dress, jackets, pants.

These sewing projects are unique, and she can choose her favorite material with patterns, flowers, and colors.


10. Sewing machine

A good sewing machine is essential. When I started with this craft, I knew I’d use it to make home decor items. It was important for me to be able to use different stitches, settings, and sew different materials.

After many projects, I’m still in love with my Brother sewing machine. It served me well, and I didn’t have to break the bank either.


11. Sewing accessories gift ideas

If you don’t want to make such a big decision like the machine, you still can get some inexpensive sewing tools for your crafty mom. A good quality scissor and cutting mat are always welcomed in a crafty room.


12. A tote bag to keep everything organized

best gifts for crafty moms

Every mom likes a tote bag. To help her keep all craft supplies organized, get this cute bag.


13. Cricut machine – the best gift for crafty moms

gifts for vinyl crafters


No matter which craft project is your mom’s favorite, if it involves cutting, stenciling, engraving, a Cricut cutting machine is the ultimate gift you can give.

She will be able to make personalized T-shirts, tote bags, cards, all kinds of vinyl projects. Engraving in glass, making lather jewelry. These are just some examples that come to mind.

Cricut has 3 different machines; you can compare them here and choose the best for your mom.

To complete this gift basket idea, you can add a lightbox that is used to put under the project, and it helps crafty moms to see the details while weeding vinyl.


Craft room organization supplies

Oooh, we got to the best part. I say the best because ultimately, every crafter wants to have their sanctuary, a.k.a  a beautiful craft room. Ideally, this place is always organized, and everything is easily accessible.

Surprise your mom with these craft room accessories, and she will thank you later.


14. Rolling craft storage cart

I love this cart because she can store vinyl rolls, yarns, papers, brushes, her craft journal and still have a lot of space in the drawers for beads, scissors, etc.

Since it has wheels, your mom can easily position it to arms reach.

She already has all the furniture, but needs help to keep all the craft pieces organized? Check out these smaller organizers. They fit in a cabinet or on the wall or top of the desk.


15. Letterboard gift for crafty moms

mom's birthday crafts ideas

I love letterboards because you can display a unique quote for photos and special events. Your mom also can make a note about the next craft project.

This felt letter board has a classic and vintage 10” x 10” solid, stylish wood frame. Letters are reusable, and you’ll receive symbols and emojis too!


16. Photography lightbox for the crafty mom

I love love love my tabletop lightbox. I use it to take pictures of each step in my craft tutorials. It comes with lights and different colors of backdrops.

These boxes are also collapsable and can easily be stored behind a desk or in the closet.

Your mom can take beautiful bright pictures about each craft project without a cluttered background.



Crafty mother’s day gifts

Let’s talk about Mother’s day gifts.

You already give her millions of craft supplies, and now you need funny, small but thoughtful Mother’s day gift ideas.


17. A funny personalized t-shirt

unique mother's day gifts for crafters

This t-shirt just says it all! Perfect cute gift for your crafty mom.


18. A funny crafter’s mug

crafty mothers day gifts

This funny and cute mug is the perfect gift for anyone who is always making things for others but not for themselves. She will love a good coffee in her glittery mug.


19. Personalized craft room sign

mother's day gift for crafty moms

Get this cute metal craft room sign with your mom’s name on it.

It comes with two screw holes, but if mom doesn’t want to use screws, it’s light enough to be mounted with double-sided foam tape.


20. An elegant but crafty bracelet

unique gifts for the crafty mom

This bracelet tells everybody that your mom is a crafter. At the same time, it is still elegant and classy.


20+ gifts for crafty moms

There you have it! I hope you got inspired and will pick the right thoughtful gift for your crafty mom.

Believe me; if she is like me and loves every kind of craft, you can’t go wrong. Mom could be a crafter of any kind and thirsty for new projects all the time. 

She’ll be happy with any of the ideas from this list. Do you need more gift ideas? Check out these cute craft kits for adults.


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gifts for crafty moms

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