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pillow covers from old sweater

How to upcycle an old sweater into cute DIY home decors


I’ve seen sooo many adorable repurposed home decor ideas around the net.

Creative DIY lovers repurposed old sweaters and turned them into useful household items, home decoration even into a new skirt.

So, I had to collect my favorite ideas for old sweaters and show them to you. They are so easy to make!

I’m sure you and your family have old shirts, sweaters so please don’t throw them away!

Instead, check out these 8 stunning upcycling old sweater ideas!


1. Upcycling sweaters into a lampshade

upcycled old sweater into lampshade

OMG! When I saw this repurposed thrift store-find lamp, I immediately fall in love with it!

I even told Amber (the DIY-er from amber-oliver.com); this is the first time I saw a repurposed old sweater turned into a lampshade.

Next time when you downsize your wardrobe make sure you keep one knitted sweater and donate the rest.

With the help of Amber’s how to tutorial use your upcycled sweater to create a DIY lamp shade. I think it can be a perfect addition to a farmhouse home decor or boho decor.

Anyway, it is perfect! My next DIY home decor for sure.


2. Boho upcycled felt hexagon rug

Upcycle felt sweater hexagon rug

Colors, colors, colors. I wanted to show you this woven hexagon patchwork rug.

Have you ever checked the price tag on a colorful patchwork rug? It is expensive.

In general, all cool rugs are expensive in my opinion. BUT I love cozy and geometric designed rugs so to save money I make them. 

Do you want to make this colorful rug from old clothes or blankets? Cintia from mypoppet.com.au/ has the pattern above for the perfect upcycling DIY project.

Her pattern includes printable pattern templates and easy to follow sewing instructions.


3. Upcycling old sweaters into pillow covers with zipper

repurposed old sweaters pillow cover DIY

Most of my decor pillowcases are from repurposed old sweaters. Whenever I get the chance, I try to save the zippers too. This way the pillow covers can be removed and washed.

I love my knitted and faux fur sweaters. BUT I never get to use them in the hot tropical weather. So when they lose their shape and ready to be donated, I keep one or two for my upcycling projects.


4. DIY felt flowers from an upcycled cardigan

repurpose felt cardigan into flowers

Julie from sumoftheirstories.com made these cute felt flowers from shrunk down cardigans and jumpers.

You can use these upcycled felt flowers to make brooches and corsages or create framed DIY wall pictures or a wreath to decorate your front porch door.

So many upcycled home decor you can create by following Julie’s tutorial here. 


5. Repurpose sweaters into cute lavender bags

lavender house bags from old sweaters

Spring and summer are coming, and the house needs a little decluttering and fresh air. Here is another charming and useful DIY home decor from Julie.

If you have some used old sweater in the house and you are ready to freshen up your closets, this pretty little house lavender bag project is for you.

You’ll be happy to repurpose your cardigans and have a sweet calming lavender smell around the house. This is a perfect weekend DIY project, and luckily Julie from sumoftheirstories.com has the how-to tutorial to help you out. 


6. No Sew Fabric Pumpkins from old shirts and sweaters

no sew pumpkins from old sweater and shirt

I never made a fall home decor, but seeing these adorable little fabric pumpkins, I will make sure they will have space in my house around Halloween.

They look so easy to make, and I love the idea to use different colors and textures of old shirts or sweaters.

An easy and brilliant way to upcycle the fabric into these cute and festive pumpkins.  As a plus no sewing skills needed. Holly from pinkfortitude.com will show you how to create these beauties without sewing.


7. Make a nautical knot pillow from old sweaters

If you like coastal home decor this cute knot pillow tutorial is for you.

You’ll create a tube form an upcycled old pillow and fill it with cotton pillow fillers. Than follow Ann’s instructions to finish your new decorative pillow.

how to decorate with upcycled sweaters


8. Cute Upcycled sweater Christmas ornament

DIY old sweater Christmas ornament

I love Christmas and DIY-ing all the Christmas home decor is one of my favorite things to do.

Stephanie from swoodsonsays.com has a brilliant idea on how to upcycle a sweater into a Christmas ornament.

How come I never thought of that? How many shrunken unshaped sweaters I have to have around the house to realize I can upcycle them into a beautiful Christmas tree ornament.

Well, next Christmas time you can make a couple of sweater ornaments too. You only have to follow Stephanie’s tutorial.


9. Turn a cable knit sweater into a fancy skirt


You can make one of your old sweaters reborn again. You can upcycle it and wear it as a different clothing piece for many more years.

You don’t need to spend money on a new skirt. Just repurpose your old sweater, and there you go.

repurpose old cable knit sweater into skirt

Cintia from mypoppet.com.au made this super cute cable knitted skirt from her old sweaters.

Personally, I love cable knitted clothing. The coziness and the pattern is my all-time favorite, and I always have one in my wardrobe.

Once upon a time, my grandma taught me how to knit, but I have no patience to finish a sweater or skirt.

Lucky us Cintia’s detailed tutorial will help you and me to save your favorite old knitted sweater into a skirt so you can enjoy it for a long time.

10. Felted rug from sweaters

rug upcycled wool sweater

It’s hard to get rid of your favorite wool sweaters. The good news is that you can keep them and make a colorful upcycled felt rug.

You can work on a beautiful felted rug section by section following this tutorial here.  

I love how this sweater rug turned out. Very colorful, but all colors combine nicely together. It can be a perfect addition to your living room or kid’s room.


Conclusion on How to upcycle old sweaters

You see they are easy to make and the girls have detailed DIY tutorials you can follow. I hope you are too ready to create some pretty decor or new clothes.

I got so many old sweater upcycling ideas for my upcoming projects I don’t even know where to start.

I hope you’ve got inspired and won’t throw away any old sweater anymore, instead you will upcycle those cardigans, sweaters, shirts and create something super cute.  


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Don’t forget to spread the word so others can create some cool old sweater decoration.

And PIN it for yourself so you can get back to it anytime!

upcycled sweater home decor ideas

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  1. Charlene

    I’ve never thought about upcycling old sweaters. What a good idea! I’ve got so many lovely sweaters I can’t wear anymore that I can’t bear to throw away!

    • Andrea

      We think similar. I love all these ideas and tried many of them already. The next one for me is the lampshade from old sweater.

  2. Jenn Summers

    I love the cute little skirt omg I must go through my closet now 😍

  3. Cindy

    These are cute projects! Great ideas for repurposing.

    • Andrea

      You are right about that. I always feel so sorry for myself when I have to let go a cozy sweater. That’s why I like to repurpose them.

    • Andrea

      I hope so you’ll try some of these upcycling ideas. Let me know how it goes. 😉

  4. paula

    I love these ideas!


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