How to repurpose your furniture and transition your home on a budget?

15 DIY Home Decor Ideas on a Budget.


Yup, when we bought our house, we were super happy, but it is huge! We had no furniture, decor or money to fill up the whole house.

I have to admit we like to collect and have a tough time to get rid of things, even though we know we will never use them again. Or keep it, because of course, it will be good for something later.

If you nod now than you know you have useless things around the house too. In this post, you’ll find cool DIY home decor projects from repurposed materials. Our tips will help you to created useful things made from recycled furniture.

Hopefully, you will get some inspiration how to flip your junk, repurpose your furniture and transition your home.

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Living room:


Entrance table from:

  • Glass from a big picture frame
  • old sewing machine base

I’m a Pinterest junky, and for a long time, I was looking at those home decor ideas with old sewing machines.

My grandma had one, and I loved it, I even knew how to use it. But that machine is far away from me, back home in Hungary, and I wanted one for our house entrance.

Lucky me, there is one antic store in our town, and she had the perfect one for me. Currently, I put a glass on it, meanwhile waiting for a beautiful rustic piece of wood to show up. That would be the perfect tabletop!

Decorative pillow cases from

  • old sweaters
  • old shirts

Most of my decor pillowcases are from our old sweaters. I try to use the zipper part of the jerseys so you can just take them off and wash them. If you don’t have a sewing machine or simply don’t want to sew take a look at this idea.

Floor pillows from:

  • old blanket
  • zipper (from an old sweater)
  • 5-inch foam (I have left over from another DIY project.)

This project of mine is based on the same idea as the decorative pillows. You can’t see, but the bottom of these floor pillow covers are from old sweaters with zipper. I used an old blanket for the other sides and followed this tutorial. 

Bean bag from:

  • old curtains
  • leftover 5-inch foam, cut into tiny pieces.

Who on earth doesn’t want to have a bean bag and watch a movie or read a book on a lazy afternoon in a cozy corner?

I loved this funny looking non-traditional kind of twisted shape and decided to make it. Here is the tutorial I followed.

If you make it for you (assuming you are an adult) don’t forget to alter the measurements. If you do forget half of your butt will be on the floor and your back against the hard-cold wall.

Curtain from old scarfs

  • old beige curtain
  • 5 or more scarfs

I like to collect scarfs, and my style is kind of boho too. So if you love the boho home decor, you can easily make one of these playful curtains from your old scarfs or long skirts.

I have a tip for you though… If your scarfs, materials are too transparent, and you want to have a little bit more privacy or shade, you can use a cheap curtain and just sew the scarfs on it.

Bonus point the curtain already has the holes. 🙂

Hanging Plant holder from:

  • an old plastic lamp cover
  • Paracords

Check out how easy it is to make a macrame hanging plant holder from paracords. In her tutorial, she actually used old t-shirts, so if you don’t have any paracords don’t run and spend money on it, just use other “stuff” you have at home.


Blackboard from:

  • whiteboard
  • cork board
  • black spray paint
  • leftover rock tile for the frame
  • toilet paper roll
  • material to cover the roll

I had to have an office when I got my new job. It is a travel+remote combination. Which is perfect, because I got to spend time at home and explore the world.

Well, remember I said we keep things. (kind of hoarders :)). As a result, I had an old ugly cork board and decided to spray paint it black. Then I had an old broken whiteboard, so I kept only the “sheet” from it. (left side of the picture).

My mom made the red pen holders from toilet paper rolls and faux leather, and I secured them to the board with hot glue.

I got some leftover stone tile from the bathroom project, and I glued them on the frame to give a nice finished look.

Wall mounted folder holder from:

  • old desktop computer holder. (it was attached to the office table.)
  • Folder organizer upside down.
  • Toilet paper roll, material, and glue for the pens.

We are one of those people who worked on desktop computers before smartphones and laptops were born. Therefore we had an office table with a computer holder. I bumped into it a dozen times, pretty much hated it, and one day just took it off. Can’t bother me anymore. 🙂

Again the same, we didn’t throw it away and put it to good use. It’s on the wall now giving a well-organized place to my notebooks and pens.


Towel holder from:

  • Boat Cleat
  • Boat rope

We worked on boats, and I found this idea on Pinterest.

We got some boat cleat and rope from the marina. If you don’t have the luxury to have them at home, you can get them in any marine stores.

Accessories holder from:

  • an old jewelry drawer
  • little paint
  • old shot glasses

This little jewelry box was the insert of our bedroom set. I just painted the insert. Now, looking at this picture on the laptop I think I might paint it to white and give a farmhouse look to it.

Nail polish holder from:

  • a spice rack
  • chalk paint

We live in a very humid hot climate. Therefore a lot of my spices has to sit in the fridge, and I had no use for this spice rack anymore.

But I really needed to organize my nail polishes. Since my bathroom has a similar color, I decided to chalk paint the outside and the edges and kept the wood-look in the inside.

Super easy and around 30 minutes project. (Depending on the drying time)

Toilet paper holder from:

  • A CD organizer

Yup, our generation collected CDs. 🙂 And nowadays those “beautiful” CD holders has no more use, other than collecting dust.

If you belong to the CD collector generation and have some dust collector around put it to good use, maybe in your bathroom?

Mirror frame from:

  • Old wine corks
  • Glue

Wine lovers, don’t throw away the corks! Just Google or browse on Pinterest, and you’ll find a million different ideas how you can re-purpose them. I decided to dress up this mirror.

Our mirror is thin and to follow its edges I cut the corks in 3 and glued them on the wall following the frame.


Paper towel holder from:

  • 2 something (I can’t remember what they were, we picked them up from the boat)
  • A stick to hold the paper towel
  • 2 Hungarian coins to stop the rod.


If you like upcycling and other DIY project check out these cute boho patterned pots and painted pots.

Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite.

DIY Upcycled Home Decor project. Re-purpose pallets, driftwood and old furniture


DIY home decor tips

Repurpose your furniture and transition your home. You'll find cool DIY home décor projects from repurposed materials. Our tips will help you to created useful things made from recycled furniture.

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  1. Thedailysunlight

    Wow, these are great decorative ideas. I love this. Thanks for all these tips btw! 😀

    • Andrea

      Oh your welcome! Hopefully you get some inspiration and make some cute decor for yourself. 😉

  2. lauren

    These are wonderful! I love the towel holder – such an easy and unique idea!

  3. Mary

    WOW WOW WOW!!! You are so creative. Thanks for the post.

    • Andrea

      Thank you Mary and Lauren. Make one for yourself! 🙂

  4. Mrs. 50

    OMG! I love everything you shared here. Such a creative idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Erin

    Such great ideas! I have always love the look of pillows made from sweater material!

  6. Jenn Summers

    That entry table though 😍 wow I totally love it

  7. Jenn Summers

    I can feel your sense of style so much in everything you do! I love that you own it and make it truly yours! So many great ideas all over your website!

    • Andrea

      Thank you Jenn! I really love them all and try to have natural vibe everywhere in the house.


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