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What to know before you apply


  • If you are a crafter
  • You love to share your unique DIY project
  • You love a product which helps our audience to create a beautiful home decor
  • Or if you have an amazing home décor tip and want to share

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Guest Posting Requirements

– Original content (not published anywhere else) and has at least 800 words.

– You can include 2 links (1 do-follow and 1 no-follow) within the post but no affiliate links.

– Please prepare a short author bio and photo (200×200 pixels) for the article.

– Please note a week before publication is required, which will allow me time to format, SEO, and create any additional graphics.


*I reserve the right to edit content for readability and to maximize SEO opportunities.


Once I have reviewed your post for publishing, I will send you an email to let you know if it has been accepted and when it will go live with a link so that you can share it as well.

Some Tips for Getting Your Submission Approved:

– Use keywords and long-tailed phrases throughout your post, especially in the Title, H1, and H2

– Use a free site like Grammarly to spell check and review for grammar.

– Make sure to do a word count before submitting it.

– Keep paragraphs short and sweet, around 2-3 sentences.

– Use a variety of text such as headings, bullets, quotes to break up the post.


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